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According to my color/wheel survey

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It looks like 53% of people so far are going for Blue/Gold, and 74% are going with Gold wheels. 19 votes so far only, so it's not significant yet.

But, if you are looking for exclusivity, it would be fair to say do not go for Blue/Gold. :D

I for one, no matter what color I am getting, am going with Gold wheels. They are just a STi signature. Every STi before has had gold wheels- why break from tradition??

I was in a Silver/Gold mood yesterday. It actually does not look to bad in some of the photos I have seen. ;)
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JJ said:
But, if you are looking for exclusivity, it would be fair to say do not go for Blue/Gold. :D
:lol: good one...like we'll see millions of blue/gold STi's on the street
Dyno Numbers??

I am going White with silver! I really like the sleeper look, which is why I am also going to lose the big rear wing and get the regular WRX wing.

Yeah I was going to go the exclusivity route, but since we get the big wing and scoop, I am going all out STi, blue and gold. I have always loved that blue color anyway.

BTW, no offense, but I never really understood the "sleeper" route. I can see having a more suttle vehicle that does not stick out so much, but wanting people to not know what it is does not make sense. A friend of mine has a Regal GS that is supercharged with mods and he is always talking about being a sleeper. Problem is no one ever races him or anyting because it does not look like anything to bother with. When he tears ass of the line from a stop he just ends up looking like a nut that is pissed off or something. Even if there is a fast car along side, they might be supprised, but 9 times out of 10 they did not try to do anything so it does not really matter that he took them. Now if you are planning on being a big time street racer then I guess it would pay to have people not know what it really is.
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naw, you can get plenty of folks to race you. the trick is to coax them. usually i'd start by revving on'em, and if they don't bite, i'll roll down the window and start off with something like "hey!... is that thing fast?"
works every time.
MY all time favorite method is from Gone in 60 seconds. Go straight for the other driver's woman. "Oh baby, you're so talented!" "I love you!" heheheheheh, greatest line ever.
As far as being a sleeper. I like it b/c less people mess with your car. You have less kids trying to steal it and of course not everyone and their mom wants to race you. If you do want to challenge it catches people off guard.
Good point 91TB78. I have thought about what I could do to make my car less likely to be a target.
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