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Ok, here's the story.

Last night I decided to do some datalogging on my 95 oct protuned base map, which has target boost set to 19psi. Sure enough, all the logs showed I was hitting this target exactly. Next, I decided to reflash my ECU with the original Cobb OTS Stage 2 93 base map since I plan to drive with this map more often and simply use my protuned map as realtime over this when I feel like it. Once finished, I went out and did another datalog. Oddly, my boost was still hitting the 19psi consistently. I then proceeded to load the Cobb OTS Stage 2 93 realtime map to see if this solved the issue. Sure enough, right after I did this, the peak boost dropped to about 17.5psi.

Here's my question: When I flash a base map, doesn't that base map also contain the realtime data? If so, why was I still hitting the 19psi after the reflash and only after I separately loaded the realtime map did it drop down to the target boost of 17.5psi?

Any ideas?:confused:

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According to Cobb and their map notes - the base maps have additional logic that the realtime maps don't have, and it recommended to run over a realtime map.

I've also "heard" that realtime maps have the IAM pegged while the base maps default to a medium level, and allow the ECU to learn from there.

From Cobb:

Base Map vs. Real Time Map Differences -
The base mapping contains some additional logic for improved performance and is
HIGHLY recommended to be used if you plan on operating at a Stage1 level.
Here is a list of tables (parameters) that may change when you select a Realtime map
with your AccessPORT:
AVCS Intake Cam Advance
Boost Limiter
Boost Targets
Turbo Dynamics (i.e.: turbo "gain")
Wastegate Duty Cycles (Low & High)
Closed Loop Modified Load *
Closed Loop TPS *
Fuel Injector Parameters (size and latency)
Intake Calibration (MAF Sensor)
Primary Fuel
Dynamic Advance A, B, & C (the ignition self-tuning table or what is sometimes
referred to as a Knock Correction table)
Primary Ignition
Rev Limiter
Features such as defeated CELs and Closed Loop tables are not changed with Realtime.
This is why we highly recommend you running the Stage Base Map that best matches your
car's modification. Running the Stock Mode Base Map with a Stage Realtime map over it
will get you some of the improvements but no where NEAR what you would get if you
were to run the proper Stage Base map.
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