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About to purchase a wrx

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Hey everyone, I have been looking into purchasing a wrx for a while now and finally decided it's time as I no longer have a car.. Anyways, I am planning on checking this one out tomorrow afternoon if there are any tips people could give me for when I meet him.
02 wrx trade
I'll most likely repaint the car and I am guessing that mechanically things will start to break because of the mileage so I have about $2000 in repair money and a stable job so I think I'll be alright.
But anyways, is there anything anyone can tell me what to check out or look for in the car when I test drive and look at it? Unfortunally I do not know any mechanics or anyone that would know any better. Thanks!
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Ask him what tuning has been done for those mods and if it will come with the car. If he seems hesitant or tells you anything along the lines of "it doesn't need a tune", then walk away. Has no idea what he is doing, at that point.

Also, a BOV vented to atmosphere the way he has is usually a bad idea, even when tuned since it's a huge metered air leak when it goes off. Get a compression check done. If a ringland is on the way out, it'll cost you more than $2000 to fix.

IMO, I'd stay away from that car in general. It's laughable that his cash value is $5000. More like $3000
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