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I ran a search, but only came up w/a post on a guy who put on the wrong Greddy ex on his STI. Last week I installed Cobb TBE on my 06 STI and replaced the (3) rear hangers w/stock length neoprene goodies. I noticed there is a little less than 1/2" clearance between the top of ex tip and the bottom edge of the bumper cover. I haven't had a burn issue, but I have noticed the peculiar smell of hot plastic from the back when I get the car moving out & the ex temps up. Does the clearance sound sufficient or have you guys had burn issues to the bumper cover & ran the extended length hangers. I'd rather find out now then after its too late.
Thx and I apologize if this has been posted before. I found nothing specific to Cobb ex.
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