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leo's GHETTO install...

It pains me to the core to do this but.....

I'm putting my beloved 99 2.5 RS (5 speed) for sale. the car has 71k on it currently. Radiator and master cylnder were replaced in march 02. Battery was replaced in jan 03.

Mods are few but are as follows

Tanabe racing medallion exhaust (april 02
Injen CAI intake (august 02)(never blown MAF, 1 is due to me because of subaru recall)
Hanabi 7000k HID (may 03)
Clear lenses on the corner and side marker lights.

Pictures can be seen at this link,


I have others also I would have added them to this post but digitalpose is down right now. Please feel free to contact me via any means regarding this car. I had a buyer but the kid just backed out at the last minute. STi is expected any day!!![/url]
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