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Finally decided I'd put together a journal. I bought the car on Valentine's Day 2004.

Picture Directory
- 3/31/06: Volk CE28N Test Fit
- 4/18/06: RT615's vs RE070's
- 5/13/06: Volks Mounted: Exterior Pics
- 5/14/06: Syms Wing Pics
- 5/14/06: Cracked V-Limited
- 5/22/06: Flipped Rear Swaybar and Bent Endlinks
- 3/31/07: 05 S204 Interior Swap Pt.1
- 4/29/07: Exterior Pics (S204 Lip, S204 Dash, STi Lugs, WRC Mudflaps)
- 5/6/08: Bride Interior Install Pt.1
- 5/7/08: Bride Interior Install Pt.2
- 6/24/08: 18 x9.5 Work Emotion's Test Fit Pt.1
- 6/26/08: 18 x9.5 Work Emotion's Test Fit Pt.2
- 6/27/08: 18 x 9.5 Work Emotion's Test Fit Pt.3
- 6/28/08: 18 x 9.5 Work Emotion's Test Fit Pt.4


- Helix Catted Downpipe
- MadDad Intermediate FLEX Pipe
- Stainless JDM STi Performance Muffler

ECU Tuning / Fuel:
- Cobb AccessPort (Stage 2)

Stock Vs Pinks & RCE: Measurements & Ground Clearance Info
Stock Vs Pinks & RCE Comparison Gif
- JDM Pink Springs
- RCE Front Lowering Camber Plates
- Group N Rear Strut Mounts
- Kartboy Rear Endlinks

- Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings
- Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushing
- TiC 6MT Pivot Bushings
- TiC Shift Linkage Bushings
- ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

- DBA 4000 Slotted Rotors
- Ferodo DS2500 Pads
- StopTech Stainless Brake Lines
- Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid

Wheels & Tires:
RE070's Vs. RT615's: Measurements, Weights, and Pics.
- Stock Silver BBS with: 225/45/R17 Dunlop WinterSport M3s (Winter Setup)
- 18 x 8.5 (+44) Volk Titanium Gunmetal CE28N with: 235/40/R18 Falken Azenis RT615 (Summer Setup)
- STi McGuard Lugnuts

- STi V-Limited Lip (Cracked, RIP :( )
- Chargespeed CF V-Limited w/ STi S204 Rubber Underskirt (Also Cracked, RIP :( )
- Syms Replica Carbon Fiber Wing
- ScoobySport WRC Replica Mudflaps
- Zerosports CF Grille "Finisher"

- STi Black Floor Mats
- Complete 2005+ STi Center Console Swap.
- S204 Black Center Console
- JDM STi Door Sills
- 1 Hyperblack Bride Gia(s) (Driver's Seat)
- 1 Hyperblack Bride Stradia (Passenger Seat)
- WRX Black Doorcards (Wrapped in Hyperblack BRIDE fabric by Alex)
- STi Rear Seat (Wrapped in Hyperblack BRIDE fabric by Alex)
- WRX Black Carpet

- Alpine CDA-9833 (REMOVED)
- Lo-tek A-Pillar Gauge Pod (REMOVED)
- Pioneer AVIC-D2 w/ Navigation
- Focal 165 K2P 2-Way Components (Front Speakers)
- MB Quart DKE 2-Way Coaxials (Rear Speakers)
- Phoenix Gold 400.2 Ti Amp
- Defi V2 Control Unit
- Defi BF Amber Boost Gauge
- Defi BF Amber EGT Gauge
- Defi BF Amber Oil Pressure Gauge
- Defi Triple Meter Hood

In-Transit/Planning on Ordering:
- 18x9.5 +38 Work Emotion CR KAI Wheels
- 255/265 Tires
- Custom 5mm Spacers
- ARP Studs
- KICS Lugs
- Coilovers

Possible Future Mods:
- Deadbolt TD06H - 20G
- Thermotec Turbo Wrap Kit
- APS SR375 TMIC or New Cobb TMIC
- NGK "One Step Colder" Sparkplugs
- Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
- JECS/NISMO 740CC Injectors
- APS Turbo Inlet Pipe
- Protune or New EM

Now, on to a few pics showing how the car's changed over time.

Here's what she looked like when I first bought her:

Here she is as of last week (pre RCE & Pinks):



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[email protected]'s Journal: '04 PSM STi (Full BRIDE Interior Teasers)

Here's a few quick pics of what the car looks like with RCE Camber Plates and JDM pinks. I'm very impressed with the drop (lower, but not too low) and cannot get over how much better the car handles with the pinks compared to stock (And I'm still running winter tires :lol: ). Body roll is GREATLY reduced and you're really able to push the car alot harder through corners.

Please pardon the crappy pictures and dirty car, I'll take a real photoshoot when I get the Volks. ;)

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very nice..I've been thinking about a set of RCE plates when I get enough cash flow. It'd be a very nice invesment.

Where are you in Jersey?

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Very nice car there.

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Nice, I got my car from liberty as well :lol: where in NJ are you?

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Very nice! Can't wait to see the Volks on there! Keep it up.

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very nice, but clean your wheels ;) lol

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Thanks for all the compliments. :)

I'm in Union County, and to be more precise I'm from Cranford, but can usually be seen regularly driving around Union and sometimes Springfield.

I got the STi Performance muffler from the same place I got my suspension, Myles over at Racecomp Engineering. It's a bit pricey but it's one of the best sounding exhausts I've ever heard for the STi. I get compliments regularly on how good it sounds.

Measurements: Stock vs RCE + Pinks
Ground Clearance up front wth V-Limited: 5.25" - 5.5"
Ground Clearance without V-Limited: 8.00" in the front area of the bumper. 6.00" in the area where the splitters are.

Stock Front Hub to Fender: 14.812"
RCE+Pinks Front Hub to Fender: 13.625"

Stock Rear Hub to Fender: 13.625"
Pinks Rear Hub to Fender: 12.75"

Please bear in mind that these measurements aren't *exact* and the springs still have to settle a bit more.

And yea, I apologize for the dirty car. Everytime I wash the car I think it actually takes me longer to clean the wheels than to wash/wax the whole car. I'm dreading the day when I have to clean the CE28n's. :eek2:

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that drop looks PERFECT~~ awesome job! I personally think JDM pinks are WAYYY too expensive but it's awesome if you can afford it

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Turboxer said:
Nice mods, great looking ride! Do you have any problems with clearance having the V-limited and pinks?
Unfortunately, if you're not careful you will scrape the bottom portion of the V-Limited. I was doing that when the car was on the stock suspension so it's pretty much unavoidable no matter what suspension you're running. However, it's only the bottom portion, which cannot be seen, and if you angle the car and creep slowely out of driveways, ect. you shouldn't have a problem. The lip is pretty durable.

In the week I had the springs on the car, I still havn't scraped the lip....yet.

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Wow I'm suprised the RCE plates make that much of a difference on the drop. Their site says it's only a 3/8 of an inch additional drop, it sure seems like a lot more. Now I'm not sure if I want to keep my pinks and add RCE plates or just swap out the springs.

Car is looking real good man.

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I was lucky enough to find a US vendor (InjectedPerformance.com) that actually had Ti Gunmetal Ce28n's in-stock, which meant I got them 3 days after I ordered them and didn't have to bear the notorious Volk-special-order 4-8 week wait time. I even got them at the old pricing too. Big thank you to Injected Performance. :tup:

I was very suprised at when UPS dropped these off on monday.

I'm still waiting on tires though, so I probably won't have these on the car for another week.

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nice! those are the wheels I plan on orderingonce I get off my lazy ass.
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