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As of March 6 this year, I have proudly owned my 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi. I imagine that many potential buyers/owners frequent this website in search of potential problems they may have or other issues that help or hinder their purchase decision. I will provide an short review for those interested in possibly purchasing a STi.

The background:
I purchased my '06 on March 6th, 2006 right off the show room floor. I waited ever so eagerly to throttle past the 4000rpm mark until I had the 1000 miles on it. Once I had her broke in, I was completely convinced this would be that car, 25 years down the road, I would still own. I like to think of it like those who purchased an old mustang or corvette and babied it for years to come.

I have done exactly that babied it. It is garage kept with only 18,000 miles on it. As an accountant (they drive mostly Toyota’s), I find myself an outcast when conversing with my colleagues about the car. I also find myself an outcast of car lovers because I drive my car like a grandpa even though I am in my mid twenties.

She is garage kept, never driven in the snow, and see's plenty of road as I try to take her out whenever I can. Over the last 3 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed opening her up when entering a highway. In more comical scenarios, I enjoyed the pleasure of taking her out to the local race track to put my friends 350z in its place. I don't really do the whole street race thing, but I really enjoy taking the car into the mountains, putting the suspension to the test while zipping through tight corners and beautiful canyon roads.

I do plan to compete in autocross this year as I have the following mods:
SPT front/rear strut brace
SPT H-brace
SPT intake/cat-back exhaust
Couple other cosmetics from SPT

The Review:

Interior: I would first like to put to rest what I read most frequently about STi's, Quality of the interior. I know full that these cars aren’t made to compete with Lexus when it comes to interior quality. However after 3 years, the interior has held up very well. I have no cracks, not a single blemish or stain on any seat.

The sound system still functions, but I will note cracking and popping from the speakers. I rebuttal with one statement: this is a sports car. I prefer the roar of my engine to the listening of the radio.

The floor mats are worn out, and there is a very noticeable abrasion where my heal pivots to press the clutch.

The seats are prone to some type of collecting of something. I have seen this in many STi's. The black portion of the seat, closest to the door, will spot up with rings of white. I don't know why or where it comes from, but simply a wet wash rag and simple scrubbing solves that problem.

The carpet has started to wear around the edges where the mat meets. This is to be expected I imagine. There are no other problems I can find. The interior has held up quite well over the years, and I completely satisfied.

The power train: the reason one buys a car like this is obviously for the raw power and potential. I have had no problems with my engine except when the dealer screwed up the oil change by not tightening the oil filter correctly. As a result, oil squirted into the header cover, and I smelt burning oil for several months after.

I can say that she still has kept every pony from day I bought her. Depending on the whether and duration of the drive I can sometimes get a little more pull out of her than I am used to. Clear, snow/ice free days are a blast to open up the throttle.

I originally bought this car to upgrade massively and create a 400 horse power monster, however over the years, I completely satisfied with it. She has plenty of power. I have yet had a mustang challenge me in a get up and go contest, and loose.

I only have the SPT intake and exhaust. Everything else is stock. I haven't had to replace the clutch or have it slip in a quick shift (that I have noticed).

The Brakes: are worth noting because of the massive amount of powder spray. I have also noticed a squeak whenever I brake while rolling backwards. I don't know what causes it. She is still under warrantee, so one day I will take her into have the work done.

Suspension: I have upgraded it over the years and can honestly say that I have increased the handling by adding the SPT parts. She responds quicker, feels more agile, and feels definitely stiffer.

Exterior: UTAH ROADS SUCK!!! That said, I will note the many rock chips and cosmetic blemishes she has suffered over the years. I have had to replace the windshield once. I installed the limited edition's lip about a year ago, and it still hangs strong despite a few scrapping sessions. Another area worth noting is the area underneath the spoiler. I was at the dealer for a service and saw an 06 having its trunk replaced because of rust underneath the spoiler. This area is a problem area as you can clearly see the water from a car wash remaining between the trunk and the spoiler.

Other than that, the car has little sun damage naturally because it is mostly garage kept.

Upgrading: I upgrade the car with minor things every spring. This year I have just bought the very hard to find black Prodrive gear knob and the STi floor mats. I am looking for a good brand/dealer to accent the front grill with a carbon fiber replacement. Past that, I have no planned upgrades other than possibly lowering. Lowering the car is a very touchy subject which is entirely related to the piss poor condition of Utah's crappy roads. I am also tossing the idea of a GPS/Touch screen/Multimedia double din head unit and new speakers to go with it. I don't know though. I kind of... well.. Content...

Thanks for reading. I will happily answer any questions.

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sounds good man..im in the same boat as you..ive had my car for almost 3yrs and i had big plans for it..but as everyone knows,the economy is very mean to us..but i still love my car no doubt..im just a stage 2 and planning minor upgrades..i also want a nice sound system, some wheels and thatll be pretty much about it..good luck with the car!
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