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STI Suspension Assemby????

Does anybody have any ideas on when the second allotment for the NM,UT,CO area will hit
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Second allotments have been out nation wide for some time now.....why don't you ask a local dealer.
Clone I notice that you are displaying en-route from port when are taking delivery of your car
A dealer near me got 2, originally said: we gonna be getting only 1 a month, but lasty week in person I was told that 6 more are coming soon.. Go figure..
If you wait a bit you will see a LOT of STis around..
well I ask this question becuase I am first on list for the second allocation of cars and I was trying to guage the time I have to wait till I see my car so any info would be helpful
The allocation for my car (the second allocation for my dealer) came June 7th. It was ordered that day and should be here any time now (end of month or early July).

My dealer has since been given his 3rd STi as well.....so it all depends on your dealer. I don't think there are set days that every dealer gets it's second, third, and so on allocations.
Thanks clone I appreciate the info my dealer already placed his allocation order also and was trying to shed some lite on the delivery date that helps me though thanks
I wish my phone would hurry up and ring

come on ring
My STi will be in the second allotment as well. The pipeline for my car says July 15th.
East imports(number 1 seller of subarus' in the state of Michigan!) in Grand Rapids, MI has received as follows...

4 May 27th (wrb/gold, Sil/Sil, Sil,Sil, wrb/silver)
1 June 3rd (Black/siver)
1 approx. June 19th (wrb/gold)

and now as I am seventh on the list, my black/silver is due in week of 7/7 per faxed confirm..........Oh yeah :D !!!!! Blue/silver also on the fax confirm sheet showing "pre-sold" status as well. Thats 8 for East Imports in Six Weeks!!! Decent allotment I would say...... Dion Newkirk is my sales contact. He is great to work with. [email protected]
There again is an indication that there aren't set dates that allocations come out. My dealer (decent sized, but in Cedar Rapids, IA) got one early june, mine coming early july, and another mid july so far. It's pretty much a free for all at this point.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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