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It seems that no one has looked into the details on how this version compares to our regular GR.


In presser WRX STI
“STI 20th ANNIVERSARY” limitation sale 2008 October 23rd - Vol.08/019

The Subaru Technica international corporation (abbreviation: STI president: Ichiro Kudou), it commemorates the same company establishment 20th anniversary, the commodity it sets the Subaru in presser WRX STI “STI 20th ANNIVERSARY” special specification car which interweaves individual equipment seasoning, it sells simultaneously via the Subaru chain store of entire country from October 23rd.

In presser WRX STI “STI 20th ANNIVERSARY”, in presser WRX STI in the base, especially to adhered “the enjoyment which bends”, it is the special specification car which designates “the handling of the craftsman/teacher” as theme, administers tuning. S402 ahead (the special specification car of [regashii]) with favorable comment was obtained, “being tough, you succeeded the pliant running,” furthermore you improved the sport driving characteristic of the based car which has the travelling efficiency which is superior. On the one hand, it leaves the modification of equipment of the internal equipment in minimum, it expresses the individual image which STI seems with just riding taste, it has become the model which held down the price hike with additional equipment.

The damper and the coil spring where STI tunes attenuation quality, installing the STI individual flexible tower bar and the rear suspension link etc of pyro ball type on the chassis which actualizes “the handling of the craftsman/teacher”. You show high four wheel road-hugging without spoiling the efficiency of the feature running of the based mass production car, it is tough and actualizing the pliant running. In order to interweave the handling efficiency with respect to one case, it repeated the efficiency experiment in all road surfaces in test course, as for last specification it decided with the high-speed travelling test in [niyuruburukurinku] [orudokosu] of Germany.

In addition STI make front under spoiler and 18 inches [arumihoiru] are installed on the exterior, by the fact that the roof spoiler is painted in mat black, the existence impression as a STI complete car is produced. The private [rekaro] make front seat, the power window switch panel and the STI logographic entering red engine starter etc of the dark gray were adopted to the interior, the production which is appealed to ownership was administered.

summary of chassis efficiency

“Being tough, the pliant running”, past rigidity it strengthens simply to take a second look on the one hand body stiffening and suspension tuning, moderately you do not remove the line which although to improve, being pliant, being sticky securely, aimed for the road-hugging of the tire by the fact that “stress is lived”, the handling which can be controlled while it is mind of the driver was designated as goal.

* Private tuning damper & coil spring
In order to use the power of the tire effectively, new damping ratio is set, riding comfort while improving the stroke impression from smoothness of the very little limits (cracking road surface and small stone) to the large input area, has raised also damping. While losing response lag regarding maneuverability, it utilized the pliant roll impression, linear it has the sense of relief it actualized control efficiency and flat ride.

* Body stiffening of flexible type
After know the body rigidity of the originally high in presser and exhausting, those which are devised are, the “flexible series” are something which actualizes the handling efficiency with respect to one case. The [hurekishiburutawaba] front which wins confidence with S402 as a handling of the mass production car and the stiffening part which evolves riding comfort, was installed. In addition, individual stiffening was done in the front cross member section, steering wheel responsiveness improvement the front was assured because of this. Furthermore adding the flexible lower arm bar of the aluminum make which inserted the link ball between the cross member both terminals under the floor. With the flexible tower bar, lag decrease of the reaction for steering wheel steering and the input from the road surface was actualized.

* Pyro ball type rear suspension link
With pyro ball bush conversion, the friction of the rear suspension is decreased, following characteristic to the road surface the impression has improved securely.

* Various bush tuning
In order to improve the responsiveness near steering wheel center and the rear suspension following characteristic when revolving, the suspension-related bush was tuned in exclusive use, “it was tough and seasoning the pliant” running it did. In addition, also comfort has improved with the tuning of suspension mount system with interior A-weighted sound pressure level decrease.

* Tire [hoiruyunitsuto] which shows efficiency in all road surfaces
The efficiency improvement with unsprung weight decrease with the combination of STI make 18 inches [arumihoiru] of the mass production tire and the light weight high rigidity whose balance is good, was assured.

principal table of equipment

Underside mechanism
STI make tuning damper
STI make tuning coil spring
STI make [hurekishiburutawaba] front
STI make flexible lower arm bar
STI make [piroborubutsushiyu] [riyasasupenshiyonrinku] (inside inside and lateral link rear lateral link front)
STI make front [kurosumenba] support
STI make front arm support
STI make 18× 81 /2JJ aluminum wheel
Operativity instrument panel
STI make push engine switch (STI logographic entering)
STI bookbinding leather volume MT shift knob (black background, STI logographic entering)
Private [hurontorekaro****o] (cherry red stitch, STI logographic black embroidery)
Private rear seat (cherry red stitch)
Dark gray power window switch panel
STI make side sill plate (aluminum make and front STI 20th ANNVERSARY logographic entering
STI make original main leather make access key cover (lead color)
STI make front under spoiler
Private mat black paint roof spoiler
STI 20th ANNIVERSARY ornament (rear)

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For the interesting

Pyro ball type rear suspension link
With pyro ball bush conversion, the friction of the rear suspension is decreased, following characteristic to the road surface the impression has improved securely.
The GpN website can maybe help

Look under "Parts Categories", "bushes and mounts" and "Bearing LWR Tf Rr (Pillow)"

Part number 20204ZR020
The large diameter pyro ball bearing of the private design which can install in Rr of the front lower arm. The effect is shown in improvement of durability and handling. In No.33 block diagram data

But the more i think of it, this GpN part might be describing the bushing we replace with a ALK.
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