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So I was just browsing around Blouch's website, looking at 20G's for s***s and giggles, and it made me start thinking about the different calibrations that they offer for their TD05H-20G. Apparently they offer them pre-calibrated between 9psi to 19psi increments and so I was wondering what are you guys out there with 20G's running the actuator calibrated at and why? I know that the actuator controls the wastegate from the pressure taken from the intake manifold, but why would you choose say 9psi vs 19psi? Were some of you looking to lessen the amount of exhaust gases entering into the turbo because your exhausts are too free-flowing and by having the actuator calibrated at a really low psi that would all the wastegate open early? If that were the case, why wouldn't you just have a more restrictive exhaust that wouldn't allow as much exhaust gas to enter the turbine thereby allowing the actuator to be calibrated at a higher boost level? What are the pluses and minuses of having the actuator calibrated at a high boost pressure vs a lower boost pressure?
The question to ask is what is pressure associated with the waste gate spring. So in the mist simple form, no boost controller, you simply connect the turbo outlet to the turbo waste gate sensing line. The pressure the Turbo generates actually helps open the waste gate. So a 1 bar(15 psi) waste gate would only boost to 15 psi. The boost controller, basically controls the pressure the waste sees by venting some to the turbo (cold side) inlet. The more it’s venting, the higher the boost can be because only the exhaust gas is working to limit the load on the Turbo.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts