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I understand that, but then will it overboost because the wastegate isn't bypassing enough exhaust gases? I mean, what would make you choose it to be calibrated at 12 psi vs 18 psi?

At this point in time I am just starting to think that it's all dependent the volume that your specific exhaust is pushing out. So if your exhaust was very free-flowing it would be better to have an actuator calibrated at higher psi in order to maintain good control and vice versa.

Still curious as to what all of the 20G owners are calibrated at...
Is the exhaust housing/waste gate is designed right it show not be more likely to creep.

re: 12 vs 18psi.

Supposed you have a meth setup with failsafe that is designed to run waste gate boost if a problem is found. running 18psi, may not be conservative enough in that case.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts