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So I picked up my car about a month ago — base STI with an STI short shifter/bushing. It’s my daily but I would like to autocross it when I have time, only done it once in my S2000 and was a blast.

I want to run in B Stock, only obviosulynon-cosmetic mods will be:
Cusco Intercooler protection screen
Remark cat-back exhaust
STI shifter & shift bushing
Interior engine noise delete

Is this okay to run in B Stock? Not sure if the shift bushing will draw a protest, or the noise delete since it technically does remove a pound or two of weight.

Anything else I should be aware of? I imagine stock brakes are fine (6 pot Brembos) but should I swap the fluid? Anything else these cars eat like crazy in an auto-x? Thanks!
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