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We were very happy to get our first 2017 STi in this past week for a stage 1 PROTune! What we noticed was that it really isn't all that much different than the previous years (as anticipated), there is however a weird power dip in the top end that wasn't present on previous years. This dip is in the 5500RPM range and was present in both the Cobb OTS mapping and our first map. After working through it and massaging the car, we were able to completely remove the dip on our final map. If we were to e-tune one of these without first seeing the car in house, we probably would have never known about the power dip. All of our basemaps are based off of feedback we see in house so we know exactly where to start.

The 2017 model made the same power, once tuned, as the 2015-16 cars, no changes there. As long as you have a tuner who is comfortable with the platform, they will have no trouble extracting good power out of it.

On the ECU side everything is similar. There are small changes in AVCS strategy and fueling appears to be a bit different. It has been said that the 2017 is part of Cobb's CCF rollout (Cobb Custom Features) which allows for everything to be a custom definition essentially putting all of their features (Flex Fuel, Speed Density, etc) into a single ROM for simplicity.

We will now be E-tuning and dyno tuning the 2017+ STi. Contact us for any Parts/Accessport/Tuning packages!


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 508-762-1769
Instagram: @brentuning
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