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It has been a while since i updated this. I've added quite a few exterior bits, swapped to the new (facelift) grille, added a pair of intakes, and replaced some interior aluminum trim pieces with carbon fiber. With the intakes the car sounds insane. Hearing turbo spool and bpv noises with the loud crackling V8 exhaust is wild. It also has more top end now with the intakes. Traps in the 127-130 range now. You can see the clear bra in the pics which is strange because you really can't in person. Not sure why that is.

I have the itch to keep modding it, but I'm not really sure what to do. It's already supercar fast and the multi-mode suspension is a really good mix of performance and comfort. I could upgrade the turbos for 700+ rwhp, but I'm not sure that would really be usable without some major work to fit huge tires. I will probably get slightly wider wheels and tires when the PS4S wear out because the 305s just spin, but I'll wait until I need them.

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