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Hey guys,

We're building a race car and just about everything is coming out of this low mile STI.
Interior will include pretty much everything besides the dash so if it's not listed and you need it just ask.

Complete longblock 29k miles (was stage 2 pro-tuned here and made 305whp on our dyno) $3750

Intercooler with 1/8th NPT bung for IAT (speed density) $300

STI 6 Speed Transmission Complete 29k miles with OE clutch, slave, fork $3500

Shift linkage $200

STI Rear Diff Complete 29k miles $1250

Driveshaft $250

Intake manifold w/TGVs and fuel rails $350

Stock airbox $50

Stock turbo inlet $20

Radiator $50

Air pump $100

Full AC System $300

Stock Exhaust $100

Invidia DP $250

Front Seats $800

Rear Seat $200

Steering wheel $150

Air bags, sensors, controller all in tact. Can do a package deal or individually

Carpet kit $250

Trunk kit cover, OE spare, jacks etc.. $100

Wheels with newish Continental All Seasons and TPMS sensors $800

Stock suspension, struts, sways, RLCA, RTL $400

Stock undertray $90

Front/rear bump beams $50

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