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2014 STi

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I have a spanking new 2014 STi hatch and am really excited to start modding this thing. Since I'll be in the break in period for the next couple months my near term mods will be mostly cosmetic:
* Tint
* LEDs for tail lights, blinkers, interior
* Possibly powder coat the stock BBS rims
* Smoke/tint tail lights
* Black out the headlights
* Hella horns?

My longer term goals will be to add:
* Catback exhaust
* Protune (I live near "Harvey" at BoostCreep in Longmont)

Regarding the catback I could really use some help since I'm so new to the WRX/STi world (my last Subie was a Loyale--awesome car!) How do you pick a catback without being able to hear them on a car? What's a good place to buy (I don't want to spend more than a grand). For what it's worth I prefer a system that is louder than stock but doesn't overpower the stereo, quad tip, and I like popping/gurgling sounds when decelerating.

I've compiled a partial list of options/brands--if anyone has a comment or two they want to share it would really help me select a system. Here's the list:
* Invidia
* Perrin
* Cobb
* Nameless
* Agency
* Apexi
* Borla
* Tanabe
* Magnaflow
* Greddy
* TurboXS
* Other??

Any comments, tips, advice, etc sincerely appreciated.

Pics! (argh...posted links instead of images)


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I have the invidia q300 and love it. Listen to sound clips on YouTube and make a decision. From what i understand mine is on the quieter side and that's kinda surprising because i thought it was pretty loud.

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I've heard from other posters that invidia is loud. I listened to a bunch of clips but without a decible meeter or a testing scheme it's impossible to establish any real comparison between brands.

Are some brands known to be louder than others? How would you compare yours to the subaru SPT exhaust?

Mine is definitely louder than the SPT. I think the loudest one is the nameless. I could be wrong though

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Bump--any other opinions on some of these cutbacks?

Haven't posted in a while...too much work.

I ended up going with SPT and ended up swapping my stock with another owner--sounds sweet but wish it had a little more rasp. Maybe I'll get something else in the future.

Right now I'm researching some suspension mods. So far I'm feeling like lowering it a bit with some new springs--any comments about Swift Spec-R's? Was thinking of trying these with the stock sways (STi) and maybe adding a pitch stop.

Is there any way to make the steering more stiff? Compared to my old 528i this car feels a little loose...too easy to turn the wheel. Any suggestions?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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