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2013 White Satin Pearl - STI Hatch

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Well, I guess I might as well start up one of these bad boys for my build and share with the world my plans..... But first, a little about who I am and where I come from....

Name is Rob Ferone I am just about ready to turn 26, and currently live in Central, NJ (to be debated by many) Woodbridge to be exact (exit 127 off the parkway). Well, for work I am an Academy Sales Manager at CDW, in Eatontown, NJ and if things go well, hopefully by end of next year I will be out in Chicago! That is one of the main reasons I traded in my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Track, along with she suffered a rear end accident back in April that got nearly $8k in damage suffered.

Now enough about me and onto the car.... Purchased July 30, 2013 delivered on the 31st

2013 Subaru WRX STi White Satin Pearl Hatch - 78miles on pickup from dealer.
Navigation Package
Roof Rack (option from dealer, debating if I am leaving on the car)

The goals of my build are to make a reliable Stage 2 DD that I can enjoy, and if things go good enough in my new role I plan on picking up a 2nd STi (used older model) as a daily or build that one up.... two cars = more fun :D

So far pretty much every modification has been done by me either in my driveway, or at a shop I use Thrust Performance (they let me use the bays and wrench on the car, which is AWESOME!)

More images will be posted later today, have to run to a training for the day!


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Goals of the car: Solid all around DD that I can enjoy on the daily and not worry about it breaking.... here are my thoughts... :banana:

Grimmspeed Oil Cap Red (DONE)
Grimmspeed Up-Pipe 2-bolt (DONE)
Tial 38mm EWG (DONE)
DW Injectors & fuel pump (DONE)
Protune by Procom Racing (DONE)
Cobb Tuning EBCS (DONE)
Cobb Tuning 12mm Exhaust Hangers polyurethane (DONE)
Cobb Tuning SF Intake with the box (DONE)
Cobb Tuning Turboback Exhaust System with catted DP (DONE)
Cobb Tuning V3 Tuner (DONE)
Perrin Radiator Shroud Red (DONE)
Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose Red (DONE)
Perrin Turbo Blanket (DONE)
Perrin Downpipe Blanket (DONE)
Perrin black radiator mount (DONE)
Perrin red alternator belt cover (DONE)
Perrin Battery Tie Down Black (DONE)
Torque Solution Motor Mounts (DONE)
Torque Solution Trans Mounts (DONE)
Torque Solution Pitch Stop Mount (DONE)
Rally Tech Stainless Steel and Red Washer Dress-up-kit (DONE)

SMY Performance Gauge Cluster wrapped in Suede with STI Logo (DONE)
AEM Boost Gauge (DONE)
AEM Wideband Gauge (DONE)
LED Interior Bulb Upgrades (DONE)
Kartboy STS (DONE)
Kartboy Shifter Bushings (DONE)
Kartboy Shifter mounts (DONE)
JPM Black Suede and Red Stitched Shift Boot (DONE)
JPM Black Suede and Red Stitched Brake Boot (DONE)
Flossy RedHead Custom Engraved with STi / 6-speed gearbox (DONE)
Flossy Reverse Lockout Black with red o-ring (DONE)
Perrin black S-Drive Cover(DONE)

Yellow DRL Bulbs (DONE)
Yellow Fog Light Bulb Kit (DONE)
LED Reverse lights (DONE)
LED License Plate lights (DONE)
JDM Black STi fender badges (DONE)
Lamin-X headlight/fog lights yellow (DONE)
HT Autos Side Skirts (DONE)
JNA Performance Front Lip (DONE)

Suspension - Wheels - Tires:
SMY Ridged Collar Kit (DONE)
SuperPro 22MM Adjustable Front Sway Bars (DONE)
SuperPro 22MM Adjustable Rear Sway Bars (DONE)
Whiteline Front End Links (DONE)
AVO Adjustable Rear End links (DONE)
Cusco Steering Rack Brace (DONE)
Cusco Steering Rack Bushings (DONE)
Perrin red strut bar front (DONE)
Fortune Auto 500 Series, with Ball Bearing Top Mounts
ISS Forged F-15 18x10 +38 lollipop red with a blue base coat and step lips (DONE)
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First few photos of the car I took: Pretty much stock!




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Nice car, I noticed no sun roof? In Canada the Sport Tech Package (your wheels, fog lights, nav/dvd, Etc) comes with a sun roof. Not on your's though?
Nice car, I noticed no sun roof? In Canada the Sport Tech Package (your wheels, fog lights, nav/dvd, Etc) comes with a sun roof. Not on your's though?
Thank you, I wish I could tell you about the sunroof, unfortunately mine didn't come with one from the dealer....
SO had the chance yesterday to get somethings installed finally onto the car and begin to make progress.

Subaru Roof Racks
AEM Digital Boost
AEM Digital Wideband
SMY Performance suede/red stitched STI cluster
Rokbloks.com Mudflaps
Perrin Radiator Shroud
Perrin License Plate Delete

So far everything is spot on and working great, put the roof racks to use already with a new bed purchase haha!

The cluster from SMY is gorgeousssssss will be sharing photos of everything at the end.... AEM Gauges came highly recommended my Yanev and am quite happy with them, just need to figure out how to turn on the backlight within the gauges because right now only the digital read out is showing.... or am I missing something......

Finally, the mudflaps, well everyone does RA, and Yanev, said dont get them, he was becoming a dealer for this company and highly recommended them, and LOVE THEM.... these things are solid, they dont flex, they dont flap when you drive.... and are made of a nice stiff urethane and are much wider then the RA.... the only thing that stinks they are just a plain old black, thinking of taking them off to paint an STi logo onto them or something.......

Just also ordered my Cobb V3, Cobb Turboback, Cobb Intake with air box from SMY as well....... so far he has been a great help!

Still waiting for IIR to get my Grimmspeed Turbo heat shield and Grimmspeed Oil cap.... only took them 2 weeks to ship it out.... kind of bummed on that one taking so long.....

Photos shall be coming soon! (by end of day)

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
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Progress is being made

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
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Gauges all lighted up and ready to rock! :D

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
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Looks great. How much was the SMY Performance suede/red stitched STI cluster? I'm assuming that you had to send yours off while they wrapped it?

Edit: damn fast reply.
Looks great. How much was the SMY Performance suede/red stitched STI cluster?
I got a killer deal on it because I ordered gauges, mud flaps, ridged collar kit, and perrin dress up parts all at once.... not to sure if it is my place to talk about what he hooked me up with

I did order it straight from SMY though

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
No, SMY has these in stock ready to ship out for these gauge pods with the stitching and logos for the WRX/STi

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
So excited! SMY coming through again for me! :D

Hoping tomorrow to get out of work early enough to go pick up everything and Saturday get it all installed!

Cobb V3
Cobb Catted Turboback
Cobb Intake

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Looks sick so far! Keep it up bro!

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So excited! SMY coming through again for me!

Hoping tomorrow to get out of work early enough to go pick up everything and Saturday get it all installed!

Cobb V3
Cobb Catted Turboback
Cobb Intake

Your garbage can looks VERY similar to mine. I'm surprised I haven't seen you around town!

I have to see all this stuff once you get it installed.
I can't wait for more updates! Car is looking clean ;)
haha thank you!

Yesterday got all the Cobb stuff I ordered, had a chance to install the Intake and Cobb V3 whole new car

More photos of everything will be shared today after I do ridged collar kit, turboback. heatshield, oil cap..... going to be a busy one today

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
The installation photos of the exhaust, downpipe, collar kit installs!

After updated to the Cobb Stage 2+ maps and what a difference this made. Loving every minute of it :D

The ridged collar kit....great addition as well, even with stock suspension the car feels more together, those potholes I use to say owwww, now don't feel them as much.....can't wait to add my coilovers and sway bars in the future!

And to think..... My STi is not even 30days old yet and I have this much done hahahaha! Time to go order coilovers, winter wheels & tires!

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
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So now lets talk about a few of the parts that I have just installed (thanks to SMY for the hook up) as it has now been about 5 days of driving the car

Cobb V3:
10 out of 10
Ease of Install: NOOB

Kick A$$ plain and simple, everything I expected, simple, easy to use, and has a nice readout for all of the gauges. Installation was extremely easy. I first opened the packaging up and took a peak on through everything and immediately downloaded the Cobb AP Manager Console. Point of this, want to get rid of any map on there that I have no use for AND most importantly update the firmware. This took about 15 minutes in total from download time to firmware patch, to removing old maps. After this I took the V3 outside to my STi, and decided well I am going to mount this bad boy to the right of my steering wheels so I can easily see it (DO NOT LEAVE MOUNTED IN CAR AT ALL TIMES PEOPLE ARE SNAKES AND WILL STEAL IT) see photo below for mounting point. After that I ran my OBD2 cable down steering column zip tied in on up and plugged it into the OBD2 port. Finally make the connection at the AP, turn the car to the ON position and boom you are rolling (do not start just on position)

From there you can select your maps to install at first I just had the Cobb SF Intake on so I changed over to the map until the next day when I did the turboback, it is completely idiot and is basically impossible to do any damage to your car as long as you can read. After that was done uploading into the car, I took it out for its first test drive. Boost doesnt spike, power feels more linear, and now I have access to every gauge profile a tuner could ever want allowing me to always stay on top of this motor. Overall I feel this is a MUST HAVE for every owner even if you dont plan on modding, I had overboost issues with my car and I found that out when I did my boost gauge I had days I would hit 28psi, by going to this my maps are now completely dialed in.

I do plan on going custom tune soon...

Cobb SF Intake
10 out of 10
Ease of Install: Some brain required

So of course being extremely impatient I set out as soon as I got back from SMY to tear into boxes and install my intake. Overall the directions online from Cobb are spot on and very easy to follow. The photos aren't 100% accurate but close enough to get you in the right direction. Installation took only about 35 minutes total to do. After the install, the turbo spool, and BOV really come to life, and the exhaust note does change up just a tiny bit. I am extremely happy now to have this, as it makes my car sound like a monster compared to just a basic Stage 2 car. 100% feel this is cool cost effective modification that only has benefits.

Cobb Catted Turboback:
10 out of 10
Ease of Install: Intermediate

For this I have a killer relationship with a shop called Thrust Performance in Sayreville, NJ and they let me work inside of there bays with 1 mechanic on my own car. Let me use there tools and really go to town which is awesome because I have a professional next to me if I get stuck. Getting the OEM Exhaust took us about 15 minutes, the downpipe bolts to the turbo were a little tough but after about 30 minutes of messing around with them they all came right off. Re-install of the Cobb was awesome, they provide a 2nd bung for a wideband guage so I didnt have to weld one in. and everything bolted and mounted to all stock points. The fitment is flawless it absolutely blew my mind having done many exhausts over the last 10 years on different cars. The sound is deep and quiet, and really lets the boxer rumble come to life!

After that install reflashed to the Cobb Stage 2 OTS Map, and WOOWWWW talk about a fun car to drive now! Photos will be coming shortly along with a review of the ridged collar kit!!!!

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
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