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Car: 2013 Satin White Pearl STi Limited Sedan
Location: Brooklyn NY (11234)
Mileage: 20,xxx (Driven on weekends)
Title: Lien from bank loan
History: Original owner, purchased new
Price: $28,000
Images: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0NYI6cje4SFSWprWTJXbE03Njg&usp=sharing

Summary: I love this car. It’s my second STi and my favorite. Wife loves it too. Buuuut we’re trying to reduce bills and since I live in Brooklyn I can do w/out a car for a while.

  • All routine scheduled maintenance done at Subaru
  • Except most oil changes done by me, using Motul 5w30 and OEM filter
  • Oil analysis done by Blackstone. Most recent came in with great results. (Attached below) "Metals are all within the average range and you've got some pretty steady readings starting to emerge with the recent trends, and that's great. No contamination was found and the oil itself is physically in good shape. Nice report!” (See images)
  • Recently resurfaced all four rotors
  • Snow tires are still new, have about 800 miles on them.
  • Car is tuned by JC Tuning (on forum) to stage 2. Car runs absolutely great. Tune is perfect for daily and getting on it. Can’t recall HP but torque is ~340. I’m requesting a graph from him now.
  • Suspension: BC Coilovers, Eibach F/R Swaybars, Whiteline F/R endlinks, engine pitch mount, kart-boy exhaust hangers
  • Exhaust: Tomei Titanium single outlet catback, Cobb catted downpipe.
  • Intake: Cobb air intake
  • Interior: Prova D stearing wheel, titanium shift nob, weather tech matts
  • Stopping: Stainless-steal brake lines
  • Cooling: Mishimoto Top Mount Intercooler, Mishimoto Radiator, Mishimoto Radiator hoses
  • Misc: Cusco catch-can, Go Fast Bits Blow-off valve, titanium shift nob, subaru short shifter, rear, side and front diffuser/lip/skirts, hella super horns.
  • Rear bumper damage, was bumped at stop light. Purely cosmetic damage. (See sticker bandaid images)
  • Front bumper scuffs on both corners (see images)
  • Car has some chips, surface scratches and otherwise common wear-n-tear.
  • Car needs an interior deep clean. There is sand in the carpet along with dog hair.
  • Car is loud. The tomei exhaust is loud. I don't mind it, but you might. Good thing I have the stock catback.
  • Have all original/OEM parts: Catback, downpipe, intake/air-box, suspension, top mount intercooler, radiator, sway-bars.
  • Have extra fluids (oil change+filter), coolant, extra fog bulbs, roof rack
Pictured but not coming:
  • Gauge pod/cluster cover will be returned to stock.
Gallery: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0NYI6cje4SFSWprWTJXbE03Njg&usp=sharing

Feedback, comments, flames welcome!


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Does it come with everything in the pictures?
Hey - yes comes with everything in pictures and also comes with all original parts. CBE, DP, suspension, TMIC, rad, airbox/intake, etc.

You can easily restore to stock as needed. Anything else let me know,

(Except the lady in the picture she's not included) :mad: :rolleyes:
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