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I want to start off firstly by saying hello as I am new to the forum. So hello every body :)

So I wanted to share my build progress to see if I can get any inputs and feed back of what's good and what's bad and if there are any related tips and tricks it may be.
I also wanted document the build because I haven't really seen any feed backs on the haltech elite 2500's that I'll be running in the car and wanted to keep a updated post, especially after the recent news on cobb turning down capabilities in its software. Maybe this may be a option for other builds out there.

I've also noticed the amount of precision turbos being used compared to the garrett g35 series, and there's not many information about it out there so I'll be documenting how that goes as well.

So here is a run down so far of the parts. I'll keep it updated with any farther changes if there are any in the future!

  • IAG 900 long block, gsc 3 cams, ported heads
  • IAG stage 2 ported oil pump
  • Gates timing belt kit w/ water pump
  • Gates timing tensioner
  • ATI super damper crank pulley
  • IAG Comp AOS
  • Cylinder 4 cooling mod (questionable if this will actually be any beneficial as I've heard multiple arguments about this, but slapped it on just in case)
  • Stock oil pan w/ IAG windage tray, baffles and v2 oil pick-up

Turbo system:
  • Garrett G35 1050, 1.01 housing, v-band, standard rotation
  • ETS rotated turbo kit w/ tial 44mm waste gate (up pipe: 3 bolt connection to v-band turbo side)
  • ETS front mount intercooler w/ piping and w/ tial 50mm bov

  • IAG equal length header
  • Perrin cat back exhaust
  • ECS valve cut out

  • ID 2600cc injectors
  • Radium dual pump drop in with dual Walbro 450
  • Radium fpr
  • Radium fuel rails
  • Radium fuel line kit w/ filter (dash 8 feed, dash 6 return from fpr)
  • Haltech flex sensor

Cooling mods:
- Koyo Radiator

Drive train:
  • ACT modular twin clutch 225HD sprung 6 puck clutch kit
  • Stock axles
  • Stock diffs
  • Stock transmission and gears

ECU and Wiring:
  • Haltech elite 2500
  • Haltech ic7 display (will be monitoring all sensors through this display)
  • Haltech EGT Sensor
  • Haltech coolant pressure and temperature sensor
  • Boomslang plug and play adapter for elite 2500 (makes it super easy, straight up plug and play, no hassle involved!)

Suspension and wheels:
  • I actually don't know what springs I am on. I got the car and haven't touched any parts on the suspension. But will be looking to get some fortune auto cup kit on it in the future!
  • Stock wheels on yokohoma neova ad08r 255/35/18 square (these tires are awesome! Good on the rain and it felt pretty gripy in the dry too!)

I believe this is all for the build. I have yet to add any after market bushings and mounts for the car yet, will probably do it once the car is running and see how it drives first. I know the motor is rated for 900 bhp but it does have 14mm head studs with fire lock head gasket, and was curious if anyone made over 900 hp on these without any issues, would be great to hear what other people have made on this long block! If anyone can chime in give any inputs on the build, I would much appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

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I see that now... Missed it.

Not saying it's not worth it but $500+ for a harness adapter :oops:
Yeah, definitely, 500 bucks for a adapter makes it quite expensive but I argue it's worth every penny! I can only imagine how much a shop would charge to make a custom harness and keep all the oem functions as well, so I figure I should just get a jumper harness haha

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Harnesses are pricey, but plugging in something that is ready to go is nice. Beats potentially frying something. I got lucky and found a new PnP harness doe my S2000 for $150 on ebay. I'll be going from an AEM v2 to an Elite 1500 on that car.

We are currently making a full harness for a 2500 on the old SHO's right now... It'll probably be a $1500 harness, but it will replace the OEM harness completely.
I would love to see that on the market. Especially with aftermarket support options, like connectors for r35 coil packs, injectors, fuel pump, sensors, etc etc

Also quick question, what is a SHO?
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