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2011 headlight housings

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Whatsup guys? As of right now im currently leasing my 2011 sti sedan. For the past 3 years ive been saving up money and i had planned on buying the car out. But after recent events it seems like im going to end up having to give the car back, and get a brand new one under a lease again. My only gripe with the new STIs is after 2011, the new STIs come from factory with chrome headlight housings as opposed to black headlight housings. Since i feel that it would be much easier to find used chrome headlight housings then black ones, i want to take mine off my car, find a set of chrome ones and give it back to subaru that way. so what im asking of you guys is, a) whats ur opinion on the matter? B) do you have any other options for me to go with? And c)if my idea is good, where do i find some chrome stock headlight housings? Thanks for all your help guys. Always appreciate it.

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I really didnt wanna have to go through that. I've done it before to one of my prior cars but i just really hate going through that process.
If you change out the headlight housing from black to chrome, iono but for me i feel like your gonna get trouble in the long run for having to do that or somethings gonna come up... But if not maybe you can find a reg impreza with a black housing, not sure if they came with one.. but just an idea.. :domo::wave::domo:
you can only swap out with STI headlight housing or WRX with HID headlight housings (imprezas come with halogen as do WRX without the HID options). Otherwise, swapping to a halogen WRX or Impreza housing just for the black chrome is a major downgrade.

Upgrading a halogen to HID requires upgrading the projectors for HID's as well, and aftermarket "blacked out" headlights are all cheap and not worth the money. I've been warned not to go that route, secondly, most ebay aftermarket blacked out STI headlights with HID's dont have HID projectors in them, just the bulbs. once again a downgrade (you'll blind oncoming traffic!).

Your best option is to either:

a) find someone (most likely with a silver 2011 STI) to trade the chrome for their black
b) buy a used pair of 2011 headlights (prices ranges from 400 and up for a pair last i've seen on ebay) - bads is it may be scratched or will have 2-3 years of it being pelted by rocks
c) send your headlights to lightwerkz, they're in NJ and do an awesome job of recreating the stock look (its not 100%, but i love the look none-the-less - the match the black chrome really well)
d) find someone local to do the baking and blacking out for you. you may nto get that black chrome finish.

I ended up going the lightwerkz route since i wanted angel eyes and stock OEM black chrome look. ended up riding my motorcycle for 2 weeks while they work on it. In the end, i was much happier with this result than if i went aftermarket or open it myself and blacked it out (may mess it up in the process), or buying a used pair that's already got 2-3 years of chips in it for more than the cost of just having it repainted by lightwerkz. I know they charge more than if u just rattle can it yourself (lots more) - but they do a good job.

this is the job they did:

Albert’s 2013 STi – Custom Painted Housings + LED Angel Eyes | HID Projector Headlight Retrofit for Subaru, Honda, BMW, Scion and More | LightWerkz.net

the specs you see when the lights are on are all the chips i have :( and that's just 1 year :(

you'll notice that its not exactly stock oem. the oem chrom extends a bit further. I still luvs it. i didnt want the total blacked out look and they did just fine with me. u can check out other STI's they've done on their webpage.
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