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Car is no longer available for sale.

Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Asking Price: N/A

Current Mileage: 118,xxx and increasing as this has been my daily driver since I bought it in 2012 with 38k miles on the clock.

VIN: JF1GR8H64AL803217

Original Engine and Transmission. Good compression. No ringland issue. I change my own oil approximately every 4-5k with Rotella T6 5w-40 and OEM Subaru filters.

I have an older CARFAX report from March 2018 which I will gladly provide. Nothing has changed since then other than the mileage, but if a new report is absolutely necessary for you to buy from me then I'll pay the $40 for you and provide it upon serious requests.

The first owner had the car in Ohio and either sold or traded it after 4500 miles. The second owner is just the Subaru dealer at that time.

In 2011, the third owner had someone tap the bumper and scratched it up. He opted to replace it under insurance and it shows on the report.

In 2012 I bought the car and in 2015 I had an idiot side swipe the front end, which tore the fender and front bumper off. It also set off the driver side air bag. Luckily for me it was all cosmetic damage in front of the radiator and was paid for by insurance. My local shop did a great job with the repair/paint and even ordered me a 2011 bumper on request, since I always thought the 2008-2010 front end looked fugly.

Otherwise, no major issues to report.

Current Mods:
-Cobb AP AP3-SUB-003, Running Stage2 OTS Map
-Cobb SF Intake + Airbox
-Cobb SS 3" Turboback Exhaust
-Cobb Turbo Heatshield
-Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
-Kartboy Short Shifter
-Kartboy Front/Rear Shifter Bushings
-Kartboy Front/Rear Endlinks
-Racecomp Engineering Front Swaybar
-Racecomp Engineering Rear Swaybar
-Racecomp Engineering Yellow Springs on Stock Struts
-KSTech Air Pump Delete Kit w/Valve Blockoff (Codes Blocked via AP)
-GrimmSpeed Silicone Hose Kit at Turbo and Intercooler
-2011 STI Front Bumper w/o fog lights
-HT Auto Front Lip Spoiler
-Rally Armor UR Mudflaps
-Interior LED Lights Installed
-Exterior LED 4-ways (w/correct relay)

Wheels, Winter:
-5Zigen FNO1R-C 17x8 5X114 et 35 (Flat Silver)
-Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

Wheels, Spring/Summer/Fall:
-TR Motorsports 18x9.5 5x114 et 45 (Powder Coated Bronze)

Original Rims (no tires):
-Subaru STi Five-Spoke 18x8.5 5x114 et 55

Maintenance Items Completed Recently:
-Tint on rear window removed due to bubbling @ 116k
-OEM Coil Pack Installed on Cylinder #4 @ 112k
-Steering Rack replaced @ 107k (Sharett Subaru, now Sheehy Subaru)
-Timing Belt replaced @ 105K (Sharett Subaru, now Sheehy Subaru)
-Spark Plugs replaced @ 105K (Sharett Subaru, now Sheehy Subaru)
-Diff Fluid replaced @ 105k (Sharett Subaru, now Sheehy Subaru)
-Brake Fluid replaced @ 105k (Sharett Subaru, now Sheehy Subaru)

Areas of Concern:
-Original Rock Guard on rear fenders has faded and could be replaced (see picture)..
-Small dings and dents from everyday use, rocks, kids, etc. Only one small dent on passenger side door which is noticeable at the right angle (see picture).
-Original struts need replaced soon. Your decision can be to replace with a newer model year strut/spring combo or opt for coilovers.
-Rear tail light passenger side is cracked. I blame my son and the neighbor kid. I used some epoxy to keep moisture out but it was never deterring enough to warrant a new light.
-Interior scuffs and dings from daily use, kids, and the occasional canine companion... but no major damage.
-I've removed several heatshields underneath due to rust and rattle. Right now I've got SS worm gear clamps holding everything tight but eventually I wanted to just replace the headers and up-pipe. Just more work I never got around to doing.

If you have any questions you may contact me any time via PM or email ([email protected])



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Here are the pictures underneath of the car. Please note that I've used worm gear clamps to hold down sections of the heat shield. After 10 years they've simply rusted into pieces and most of them couldn't be removed without removing the headers which I wasn't interested in doing. Cheap but functional solution.

Also shown are the front spring/strut assembly. These are what I'd recommend replacing in the near future, either with stock for a smoother ride or coilovers if you want the stiffer-tighter feel. I did not grab pictures of the rear but it's the same setup with stock struts and Racecomp Engineering Yellow springs.

Personally speaking, if I were keeping the car as my daily driver then I'd try to buy the stock strut/spring assembly from a newer STI and install it. I've already had conversations with Myles Williams at Racecomp about this and he confirmed it's possible. You'll end up with approximately the same drop as the Yellow springs provide due to changes made for the 2015+ model years. However, if you're buying the car to take to the track then you'll want something that gives you more control on the settings.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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