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Yeah it is an N/A.


On September 9, 2012. I purchased my 2010 Subaru Forester from Nalley Toyota in Roswell GA. It had 24,000 some odd on it when I purchased it. I have been slowly modding it to get it the way I like.

List of mods done thus far

AEM dry flow filter
NGK plug wires
NGK Iridium IX plugs
Subtle solutions aluminum dead pedal
Momo Subaru shifter
Synthetic leather seat covers in front
X touring aluminum alloy pedal kit
Weather tech floor mats with Subaru Logos
Sparco Assetto Gara gold wheels 16x7 with Michelin Defenders 215/65/16
Koni yellow inserts with 2012 wrx springs, koni yellow rears with 2012 wrx springs
Wearever platinum pads, Wearever platinum rotors
Power flex rear adjustable camber kit.
White line roll center adjustment kit.
19mm STI rear sway bar.
Whiteline 22mm front sway bar non adjustable
WRX upper control arms
Kartboy front and rear endlinks
Gray Carbon Fiber with red Subaru logo steering wheel overlay
Front and rear carbon fiber badge over lay with red forester F badge
Duralast Gold Battery
Grimmspeed light weight crank pulley
Grimm speed master cylinder brace
Subtle solutions saggy butt spacers 3/8"
SPC 67660 adjustable camber arms
SPC 67655 adjustable toe arms
AP Big Max Xcelerator turbo mufflers x2 with magnaflow exhaust tips, and 2" y piping
Powerflex 08+ wrx anti lift kit with caster adjustment
Prothane steering rack bushings
Whiteline rear diff cradle mount bushing
Whiteline rear (front of rear ) diff bushings

Upcoming mods
Rallitek Transmission insert
Cusco power steering brace
Window tint
Fog lights

On 3-1-14

I had WRX upper control arms installed and my rear camber kit transferred from the Forester upper control arms to the WRX ones.

I also had the whiteline 22mm non adjustable sway bar installed in the front and kartboy front and rear endlinks installed. At that time I also had an alignment done.

The car handles phenomenal now with just the right amount of stiffness.

Forester F badge over lays added to the front and rear emblems.



Weathertech Subaru Floor Mat emblems from Diode Dynamics

Grey Carbon fiber overlay with red subaru logo and momo subaru shifter.

Subtle Solutions Dead pedal with brushed aluminum sport pedal kit. (This is the same one that comes in the WRX and Forester xt tourings)

The drive by wire kit that is installed in Imprezas and as part of the touring package on Foresters will fit an NA forester. Below is a pic of the Subtle Solutions dead pedal and the brushed aluminum alloy pedal kit from Subaru installed in my 2010 NA forester. Several people tried to tell me it would not fit/work. Subaru of America said it would so I tried it and it does work. Just so that everyone knows the stock pedal part number ends in 40 and this part number ends in 50. It is a direct OEM replacement. The brake pedal is just a cover and goes over the brake pedal like the stock rubber piece does. The gas pedal is one complete assembly and is held in with two bolts and the drive by wire sensor/pedal sensor or whatever it is called plugs into the top.

The part number for this pedal kit is as follows.

Accelerator Assembly 36010AG150
Brake Pedal Cover 36023KE000


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2-26-16 I had Fastech motor sports in Knoxville TN install prothane steering rack bushings, powerflex 08+ anti lift kit with adjustable caster, and whiteline rear diff bushings!
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