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All engine work was done by IAG (Integrity Auto Group) in Maryland, this is one of the leading groups in Subaru modifications. Redi Imports of Rochester also did some work, new drive belt, alternator, diagnostics, battery, battery kill switch, and summer tires.

Previous owner had IAG completely rebuild the engine from the ground up, reinforcing all the normal STI engine issues. The car has 104,981 miles, the new engine has been in for 18k miles! I bought it around 12k, and only put on 6k after purchase. It has only seen one winter in Philadelphia (they use sand) as it was my main car for a year, once moving to NY it has not seen Winters.

The car has a clean VIN, all Modification paperwork from the company, and dyno at its peak.

Current Mod list:
Engine and Bolt ons:
Engine: IAG - Kelford 220-B = S&R
Cobb V2
Compression test: 1: 145, 2: 145, 3 :145, 4: 145
Injector Dynamics ID 1000CC
ID PNP Adapter
Grimmspeed EBCS 3 port boost control solenoid
Perrin Inlet
Killer B Holy Header
Blouch Dominator 3.0XT-R
Cobb Fuel Pressure Regulator
IAG BigMaf Intake
Cobb Catted Turboback
Fuel Pump: Walbro 255
IAG Fuel Rails
Manley Platinum Series Piston Set
Manely Connecting Rod
FHI Crankshaft
FHI Engine Gasket
FHI Water Pump
Killer B Oil Pickup & Baffle Windage
Spearco TMIC
Crawford TMIC Air/oil Separator
FHI Oil Pump
220-b Kelford Rally Cams 264/260
Manley Valve Spring and Retainer
FHI Oil Cooler
Gates Racing Timing Belt Kit

ACT Heavy Duty
ACT StreetLite Flywheel
Kartboy Short Shifter

PLX devices gauges (PLX MultiGauges and Sensors)
There is only two gauges in the whole car that monitor (wideband air/fuel, Oil pressure, oil temp, boost/vacuum) It can also be added to if you want to have more data from the car.

20PSI boost this car produces 413 WHP, and 356 WTQ..
I have since lowered the boost into 3 settings using the SI-DRIVE (it has 3 settings full boost at 16PSI, 10PSI, and 5PSI)

I have all documentation from all work done to the car, and Dyno


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