I am selling my 2008 dark gray metallic STi that I purchased brand new in August of 2008. The car has been my daily driver, though I have been mostly working from home the past several years and it has only seen a couple thousand miles a year since that started. It has never been in an accident and never been modified - it still has the stock exhaust. I have done all the maintenance myself and the car has always had regular oil changes and other fluids changed. You will not find a cleaner example of this generation STi.

The car has the factory short throw shifter and the other options on the car are the auto dimming mirror w/homelink, side moldings, and color matched front grill.

Pics can be found here:

Sti Pics

  • The seats are in excellent condition. 99.99% of the time I was the only one in the car. I think someone sat in the back once and my wife rode with me occasionally (we usually take her car when going out). The passenger and rear seats are pristine. I was very careful how I got in and out of the car and the driver’s bolster has minimal wear and the alcantara is in great shape.
  • I took out the regular floor mats almost immediately and replaced them with a set of the Subaru rubber mats. They work great and have saved the carpet from wear. The driver’s mat is pretty worn wear your gas pedal foot rests and might be time for a new set. The original mats come with the car. There is also the Subaru rubber cargo mat on the floor of the hatch area.
  • The stock stereo head unit was replaced with an aftermarket unit not long after I got the car and I have gone through a few different ones. The current head unit is a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX. It’s a few years old now, but has most of the features someone would want. I installed a dual USB port in the center console in place of the factory aux connector, which allows charging and android auto or apple carplay. I put a mic under the rear view mirror so you can take calls via the stereo if you want. There is a steering wheel interface installed that allows the steering wheel controls to control the head unit. The head unit does not directly power the speakers and there is an Alpine MRP-F600 4-channel amp under the driver’s seat. Under the passenger seat is a low profile Sound Storm USS8 8” sub-woofer. It doesn’t kick like a big sub, but fills in the low end some. The stock speakers are still in the car and I just never got around to swapping those out for something else. That will be up to the new owner.
  • There is a Prosport boost gauge on top of the gauge cluster cowl. The illumination color is close to the stock gauges, but not an exact match. I think any turbo charged car should have a boost gauge and have no idea why Subaru didn’t include one.
  • The car has a set of Rally Armor mud flaps that I think add to the look of the car and are also functional. They help keep some of the road grit from hitting the lower parts of the car.
  • Grills were installed in the hood scoop and in the front bumper lower opening. No idea why Subaru didn’t do that from the factory, but I felt they were needed to keep crap from hitting the radiator or intercooler. There is a dent in the lower grill where it kept something from smashing into the radiator.
  • The wheels are in great shape. There are a few scuff marks, but no major curb rashes.
  • The car has been clay barred, polished, and a paint sealant applied. It should be good for a year or so. There are still some water marks and other blemishes in the paint if you look hard enough that I was not able to get out with a light polish. Maybe a pro could get them out, but I was not willing to try a more abrasive polish on Subaru paint. They are not noticeable for the most part and they have never bothered me.
  • The front bumper has seen 70000 miles of road grit, but there are no large scratches or dents.
  • There is a small sport on the rear portion of the side skirt on each side with some paint scuffing where the factory PPF did not want to come off.
  • The car has zero leaks of any kind. A car with 20000 miles would not be any cleaner under the hood. The driver’s side EVCS was leaking oil and that has been replaced.
  • A new set of TPMS sensors was installed and those should be good for another 8-10 years.
  • A new set of spark plugs is installed so the new owner won’t have to scratch up their hands for a while.
  • The oil has been changed with a new filter.
  • New brake pads and rotors were installed last year on all four corners. I went with Porterfield R4-S pads and have been happy with them. They took a while to bed in, but once they did they feel good. I also changed the e-brake pads, which was a PITA.
  • A new AGM battery was installed last year.
  • There is a K&N filter in the stock air box. It has been cleaned and new oil applied and should be good for a while.
  • The car has a set of Firestone Indy 500 tires, which are rebadged Bridgestone RE003s. They have plenty of tread left as the car has only been driven maybe 10000 miles on them, but they are getting on six years old and probably should be replaced in the next year or two.
  • The car still has the original clutch. That tells you how it has been driven. It is getting time for it to be replaced and the new owner can decide whether they stay stock or go with an upgraded one.
  • The timing belt has not been changed and while the car has only 70K miles, it is 14 years old. I would not go too much longer without getting it done.
I think that covers most of the things somebody would want to know, but I’m sure there are things I left out. If you have any questions let me know.

Extras included with the car:
  • Factory service manual on CD in PDF format.
  • Tactrix interface. My intention was to get an e-tune done for the car, but all I ever did was play around with the logging and looking at things. If you don’t know what this is and don’t want it then I’ll keep it and sell it cheap to somebody who does.
  • Crank pulley holder tool. I bought this when I did the timing belt on my wife’s Forester XT that had the EJ255 motor. This keeps the crank pulley and timing belt from moving. It should work for the EJ257 if you are going to DIY the timing belt. If you don’t need the tool then I’ll give it to someone on the forum who can use it.
I would really like for the car to go to a fellow enthusiast who will enjoy it and take care of it. It would be cool if whomever buys the car would keep it mostly stock as I think it’s almost more unique for these cars to be stock, but that’s up to the new owner. If you're going to mod it, it's a clean slate. I’ve enjoyed owning the car, but I’ve had it for 14 years and it was time for something new. Given the condition of the car, one owner, no mods, and no more STi (WTF Subaru?) this car is something of a rarity. I feel I’ve priced the car fairly and want to get what I’m asking for it. If you’re seriously interested in it then drop me a PM.