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GTSPEC Rear A Brace for 08+ WRX/STI. Clear 3" exhaust system. Connects rear differential, control arms and chassis in a triangular shape.

I have this long discountinued piece from a few year ago that I just found in a box. I was doing lots of suspension stuff on my car but ended up selling it before I could install this (and a bunch of other items from my past for sale threads).

This is very similar to the Cusco Rear Member Side Power Brace but it uses 3 mounting points instead of 2 and looks sturdier. I wanted as much bracing as I could and figured it would be more effective compared to the Cusco one. I managed to track down a used set years ago from a member here that had light use, as you can tell from the pics, complete with hardware. It is lightly used so please don't expect a new condition part. I can send more pics if need be.

I attached a pic of the Cusco counterpart to see the difference in the mounting.

I haven't seen any other one for same in many years and this might be your last shot to get a complete, clean set.

Price is $350 shipped anywhere within the CONTI-US, this included the pp fees.
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