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Hey guys my 07 WRX got totalled and I bought an 06wrx chassis for a super good price. I decided to do a complete swap
(Engine, trans, STi suspension etc)

Thought 06/07 was plug and play” I’m wrong.

I’ve been having this issue of not having the OBD2 reader wont connect to AP or a code scanner. I swapped a lot of stuff. The car cranks but no spark.

-new plugs
-new coils
-new Fuses
(interior and engine bay)

-new battery
-new alternator
-new starter
-new walbro255 fuel pump

-keyless unit
-integrated unit
-immobilizer module unit
-small black immobilizer unit
-security unit module(center)
-grey security connector (behind head unit area)
-grounds behind head unit area
-3 connector relay module (fuel pump, ignition, other)

-swapped ignition key immobilizer (iffy on my swap)

Running out of ideas, checked the grounds on the intake manifold those are good too.

Been battling this for a month now trying to get the WRX on the road again?

Next is crank pulley alignment.
Anyone have ideas? Thanks!
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