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PRICE DROP!! 20,500obo
I’m selling my 2007 Nismo 350Z #0118. 1607 Nismo 350Zs are built for North America market and mine is the 118th one.
It currently have 47255 miles on the clock and I BARELY drive it now. I don’t plan on driving it again this year. I'm only selling to free up some cash to buy a BMW E46 M3. I love this car and I would love to keep it, but it’s just not part of the plan right now.
I bought this car on January 2nd, 2013, from the original owner. The car was in South Carolina until I bought it. I have a daily driver and a winter beater so this car never sees snow. The car has always been garaged, very well-maintained, and loved;
Oil change every 2,500-3,000 miles with Motul 8100 5W40 or Castrol Edge 5W40 (This is my Rule No.1 on this car and I never break this rule)
Transmission fluid was changed at 40,000ish miles with ½ Redline MTL and ½ Redline MT90.
Differential fluid was changed at the same time with Transmission fluid using ENEOS 75W90 Gear Oil.
New battery was changed on October 2014.
I would give 8.5/10 for the exterior, It’s in really good condition but I can’t say it’s excellent. It has rock chips on the hood and front bumper and roof. The bumper has two light scratches, it got hit twice in the parking lot while I was not around the car.
Xenon headlight and LED tail light comes standard on this car.
I would give 8.5/10 for the interior, the only reason I reduce the score to 8.5 is because there are quite a few scratches on the door handle and driver’s side power window button panel. It’s a very very common issue on the 350Zs. The previous owner installed a Kenwood double din system and it is a pretty old one in today’s standard, it has Garmin GPS system as well.
Nismo R-Tune short ram cold air intake
Berk Technology high flow cat
Tomei ExpremeTi cat back exhaust (Y pip + axel back)
Whiteline sway bars front and rear
Custom made sway bar endlinks (it was made buy a SCCA ProSolo driver who used to drive a 350Z in STU group)
Kinetix front camber arms (It was the earlier black one, not the later silver one)
HAWK HPS brake pads front and rear.
265 front and 275 rear Advan Neova AD08Rs on factory forged Nismo wheels made by RAYS
The car was tuned by Jon at Z1motorsports and runs 288whp/262wtq on 93 Octane.
It has rock chips and 2 light scratches on the car, which I mentioned in the Exterior part.
The clutch and the tires don’t have too much left but still drives excellently.

I still have the factory CATs, Nismo exhaust and sway bars.
I WILL ship the car at my expense if I’m satisfied with the selling price.
PM me if interested! Thanks!

Asking price is $20,500, I'm open to offers, but they need to be reasonable.



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Suggestion: Drop the price. I've personally driven Nismo 370z's with less than 30k miles on them, mechanically sound, no accidents at dealships for 20-23.5k
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