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Built motor mileage: 52,229
Chassis mileage: 155,271
Dyno: 335.1 lbft tq / 309.9 Hp

I am the second owner and bought the car from Annapolis Subaru in 2009. About five years ago the stock motor blew up around 100,000 miles due to oil pickup tube starvation (typical with these years) and Andrewtech Automotive in Gaithersburg, Md took care of the motor rebuild along with some other work. I’ve attached a copy of the original invoice with build specifics. The new motor was properly broken in following their procedures and then tuned by Jarmine at TurboXS.

Since the rebuild the car has been rock solid reliable for its age and took care of minor routine fluids, oil & filter changes and a few other wear and tear chassis related things. Car still has the stock turbo which at the time of the rebuild there was no shaft play and checked a while back and still none (but something to consider). This car is ready for a bigger turbo, injectors, intercooler and retune to make some serious power if desired. Originally my goal was to go for 600Hp but life got in the way. Since the motor build the car has seen pretty much all highway and driving around town.

Mechanically the car is solid but cosmetically there are a few dents and paint peeling here and there with some wear on the seats and steering wheel…nothing unexpected for a 13-year-old car that is a daily.

Car has never been in any major accidents but had passenger rear door swiped by someone pulling out of a parking space and was rear ended stopped and the person was going 10mph. Between those had a little bit of work done several years ago but no frame damage and nothing major. While it was in the shop had a few other dings and paint chips taken care of. All body work was done by Dietrichs in Pasadena (around 2015 and have paperwork) who have a good reputation for meticulous work.

Detailed history and maintenance records will be provided with the vehicle even have all the original sales documents and plenty of Annapolis Subaru receipts for all the parts I’ve put on this car over the years. Work on the vehicle has been done by either Annapolis Subaru, AndrewTech Automotive or me aside from an occasional alignment/tire mounting. Also have a few extra parts and stuff which I’ll list below:

Car has seen the track – one AutoX event and 3-4 track days at Summit Point Shenendoah circuit. All events were prior to the engine rebuild in 2014 and wear items have seen been replaced.

Mods / Build List:

  • Wiseco 4vnDish -19cc 99.5 forged pistons
  • Eagle “ESP” H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • Stock forged crank
  • Rebuilt stock heads
  • ARP 11mm head studs
  • 2008 STi Oil Pump
  • KillerB reinforced oil pickup tube (stock known defective, eliminates starvation issues)
  • Subaru SPT pitch stop mount
  • Subaru SPT engine mounts
  • Kartboy Steering rack bushings
  • RallyArmor UR mud flaps (missing passenger rear as it got ripped off replacement flap on order)
  • Subaru STi stock injectors
  • Subaru STi stock fuel rails
  • Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump with in-tank fuel filter bypass
  • ’02-04 GD Impreza Fuel Filter retrofit
  • Perrin Turbo Inlet
  • Subaru SPT Short-Ram Intake with SPT Intake shroud and snorkus intact.
  • Element Tuning Catless 3” downpipe (Rare hybrid between bellmouth and divorced, Ceramic coated by Jet-Hot)
  • Bora Hush 3” dual-tip catback exhaust
Engine Management
  • Cobb Accessport v3 with custom ProTune from Jarmaine of TurboXS (also have dyno results from tuning session). Have right angle cable and mount so you can keep access port connected all the time. Includes original box, manuals and a couple extra faceplates.
  • Grimmspeed 3 port BCS
  • Innovate LC-1 Wideband o2 setup. Sensor in downpipe, stealth mount AFR gauge in-dash and interior serial hookup to feed into tuning/logging software.
  • Defi BF Boost/Vacuum, Oil Temp & Oil Pressure gauges with recording/playback controller. All soldered connections and custom wiring harness to turn on with Ignition on with the rest of the stock gauges so all needles sweep at the same time.
  • ACT Streetlight flywheel
  • South Bend Stage 2 daily clutch kit
  • Subaru SPT rear shift bushing
  • Subaru SPT pitch stop mount
  • TiC Shift Linkage Bushings
  • RARE Ohlins FPS Gold (inverted fixed perch struts, adjustable valving with knob on bottom) bought a set new off ebay in 2014.
  • RCE Black “regular guy” springs
  • Kartboy steering rack bushings
  • Group-N tophats
  • Stoptech stainless steel coated brake lines
  • Centric Ctek rotors (just put on car)
  • Hawk Ceramic pads (brand new just put on car)
  • Motul RBF600 brake fluid (freshly just changed fluid)
  • Stock silver BBS 5x114 wheels (daily/winter wheels)
  • Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 225/45R-17 tires
  • Alpine CDE-W265BT double din head unit
  • Alpine KTP-445A Power Pack amplifier (mounted under seat)
  • Sirius XM module with antenna mounted under rear trunk for stealth install.
  • Kicker 11DS62 6.5” Component speakers stealth mounted in front doors.
  • Have original OE double din head unit and speakers.
  • SMY ClusterMaker Dual Gauge Pod 52mm (AFR and blank plate in other mounting hole)
  • Dynamat Xtreme in trunk floor and other areas of interior floor to deaden noise.
  • Dynamat Dynapad in trunk to absorb noise.
Few Extra things not on the car:
  • OE Limited front lip (originally came with car when I bought it in 2009 has some wear and have a brand-new OEM installation kit to install it. Kit alone costs $80 which is crazy.
  • Weathertech front floor mats – these have some wear but in usable condition
  • Another set of the OE STi pink floor mats with some wear.
  • Newish set of Subaru OE all season floor mats
  • Thule Aeroblade roof rack system, with locks and skis attachment if interested
  • Misc original boxes for Innovate, Accessport, Stereo stuff
  • Stock air intake
  • Have another clock pod with some MadDad gauges and I think an autometer boost gauge.
  • Misc parts, some Mishimoto silicon hoses, spare bulbs, HID ones and misc. OEM ball joint, bears, fasteners, vacuum tuning stuff really just all the stuff you would collect over the years building and maintaining one of these cars.
The Bad:
  • Curb rash on wheels as they were my winter wheels. Had a summer set of Gold BBS’s but since sold them. Ye Old Wheel shop in elkridge fixed up another set of BBS wheels and did a great job so I’d recommend them.
  • Some paint chips from daily driving and intake scoop paint wear through
  • Dent in trunk from backing into a truck light bar at .5mph. Probably can be pulled out.
  • Small tear in interior driver’s seat bolster (probably 1”)…can probably source another cover or another seat…typical for age and daily driver status.
  • Steering wheel covering torn at the top from wear…probably needs to be recovered or replaced if desired.
  • Probably some rust since its always been an east coast car. I make a point every winter to wash off the undercarriage between snow/salt on the roads but it’s a bit inevitable.
  • All in all nothing out of the norm for a daily, after all these are rally cars.
Feel free to ask any questions…I’m probably forgetting some stuff but tried to list everything I could recall from the ten years owning this car. I washed up the car and took some pictures. Can also provide more pictures upon request but tried to provide and accurate description of everything.

Located in Annapolis, MD
VIN: JF1GD70616L507776

Edit: took a bunch more pictures and uploaded them to my flickr gallery. Flickr

Asking $10,000


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Hey long shot inquiry for you. Did you end up selling by any chance?

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I actually still have the car...milage has gone up slightly but I work from home so it’s been sitting in the driveway just running a couple errands once a week. Had a bunch of people kicking tires for the most part.

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No way seriously:(). I see your local I'm in Columbia, my folks live in Edgewater. I may have seen you drivin around there in the past then. Anyways let me talk to the boss, and see what I can do thanks.

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thanks guys, updated milage and price. Car has been sitting in driveway mostly since original listing and gets driven once a week to run a couple errands close by.
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