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2006 Impreza STi A-Line (JDM)
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Hey All,

Trying to figure out what the heck I may have done, or if this is just remarkably poor timing. I'm still discovering the various things that the previous owner of my 2006 JDM STi A-Line did (or didn't do), and it feels like the lottery. One minute I'm noticing that the front strut tower brace is a perfect-condition FHI STi unit, the next I'm finding rats nests of wiring under the dash for the aftermarket alarm and boost gauge, exhaust leaks, etc.

Anyhow, yesterday I changed the plugs on the EJ207. No lifting of the motor, just pulling the airbox (the JDM cars of this era are much less crowded around the heads). Everything went smoothly and I didn't really have to force anything, but I was working right around the brake booster and ABS control unit. Engine fired right up and ran nice and smooth, but I didn't need to drive anywhere.

Today, I took it for a short drive to the local supermarket, and everything seemed well-behaved until I unfortunately had to dry-steer a little bit due to a very narrow parking space. While turning the wheel, I felt some pulsing resistance as well as a bit of shuddering in the chassis. A few seconds later, the brake system warning light came on and I could smell what I think was a fluid burning.

Now, I still have the faint burning smell and the brake system warning light comes on and off. Fluids are fine, and I don't see any obvious leaks around the brake booster or ABS unit. Planning to lift it tomorrow and check all of the calipers and anything else along the brake lines that I can, but we're also in for snow and my parking is outdoors. Any hints or tips on something less-than-obvious that I should check?

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