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I purchased this 2005 STi from a car dealer in Cartersville, GA, just northwest of Atlanta. It had 105,000 miles. I was looking specifically for a car in excellent Shape cosmetically, mostly stock look, inside and out. I had a local shop inspect the car for any major issues. It seemed to pass general inspection, no accidents, nothing major was obvious.

I have made changes and improved almost every aspect of the cars performance. Below are the details.

Items in Black were installed when I purchased the vehicle
Items In GREEN are improvements I made

2005 SUBARU WRX STi FULLY MODIFIED, Tuned By Pure Tuning, Toledo, Ohio

366 WHP, 368 WTQ, Mustang Dyno, 93 Octane, @ 21 psi Boost, Feb 2014 (Blouch 18g XTR)
Current Weight: 3240 lbs

New Pure Tuning Custom Short Block assembly (April, 2013)
Spec A+ Cylinder heads
SuperTech valves (NI-In / Inconel-Ex)
OE Valve Bucket / shims
SuperTech Dual Valve Spring kit
JE forged Pistons, 99.5 mm bore, 8.5 : 1 compression ratio (April 2013)
CALICO Piston coatings Calico Coatings | CT-2
Manley H beam connecting rods Honed and Balanced, (June 1013)
New OE Crankshaft, Induction hardened, High speed balance and Omni Polish
ACL coated race bearings Calico Coatings | Bearings
Cosworth Head gaskets .78mm
GSC Stage 2 cams
Blouch 18g XTR w/ Dart DC2 Heat reflective Coating on the hot side (April 2013) DC2 Reflective Heat Barrier - Coatings - Services
Tomi Turbo Inlet Hose (August 2013)
Cobb tuning access port
Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
Power Enterprises 850cc side feed Fuel injectors
Walbro GSS342 255 LPH Fuel Pump
[URL="http://perrinperformance.com/i-13324045-front-mount-intercooler-for-2002-07-wrx-sti.html"]Perrin Front Mount Intercooler
[/URL]Crawford Air/Oil Separator
Moroso 5 Qt Oil Pan
Moroso Oil Pickup (Updated Moroso Oil Pickup 24965 March 2013)
[URL="http://www.hks-power.co.jp/usa/products/Pid=2937.html"]HKS timing belt 24999-AF001
[/URL]Forge Motorsports recirculating race blow off valve
Perrin coolent overflow tank ( Feb 2014)

STi Front and rear strut tower braces,
Hotchkis front sway bar, 25.4 mm Hollow (+50% increased stiffness over Stock)

Hotchkis adjustable rear sway bar, 25.4 mm Hollow. ( +50, +90%, 160% over stock)

Racecomp Tarmac II, 450/350 springs ( April 2014)
Group N front strut mounts (May 2014)
Group N rear Strut mounts (April 2014)
Whiteline Spherical Front and rear sway bar end links (April 2014)
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit (April 2014)
Stock rear lateral Links With TiC Polyurethane, teflon infused Bushings (April 2014)
Stock Rear Trailing Arms With TiC Polyurethane, teflon infused Bushings (April 2014)
Turn-in-Concepts fender cowel braces (Jan 2012)
New OEM Front lower ball joints (June 2014)

Goodridge stainless brake lines
DBA 4000 slotted brake rotors Front
New Set of DBA 4000's March 2015
Brembo Stock rear Rotors
Carbotech XP8 brake pads front and rear ( Sept 2012)
Carbotech Bobcat 1521 for daily use and autocross, front only (March 2014) (Added Rears March 2015)
Girodisc Front Titanium Pad Shields (Installed May 2014)
OEM Brembo Calipers
Brake Duct Kit with Fog light entry and RooDuct transitions (Installed May 2012)
Quantum Motorsports Brake duct plates (Installed May 2012)
Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace (Insalled August 2012)
Racing Brake Stainless Steel caliper Pistons. (Installed March 2015)

Drive Train
ACT Clutch kit, Sprung 6 Puck Disc
TWM Short shifter w/ front and rear Stay Bushings ( installed Feb 2012)
TiC 6MT Pivot Bushings and Shift Linkage Bushings (installed Feb 2012)
Perrin Subframe Differential Lockdown Kit ( installed Feb 2012)
TiC Rear Differential Mount Bushings ( installed Feb 2012)
Rear subframe Outrigger Bushings. ( installed Feb 2012)
Subaru Group N Engine Mount Bushings (installed Sept 2014)
Subaru Group N Transmission Mount Bushing (installed March 2015)
Perrin Pitch Stop (installed Dec 2014)
TiC Tranny Cross member Bushings (installed March 2015)
Whiteline Steering rack bushings ( installed August 2013)
Right front axle, replaced February 2012
Left front axle replaced December 2014

Stock Radio
Dual gauge instrument cluster bezel ( installed Feb 2012)
PROSPORT Boost and oil temp gauges ( installed Feb 2012)
RED LED conversion, Window buttons, Radio, HVAC, Clock, Ignition ring, Cigatette ( installed Nov 2012)

STi V-limited style Front Bumper lip spoiler ( installed June 2012)
Perrin Rear Wing Stablizer (2) ( installed Dec 2011)
KSTech Hood vent (Scoop delete) (installed Dec 2011)
Enkei Tuning Series SC03 17x8 Silver rims Dunlop DZ101 245/40/17 for Street use
[URL="http://enkei.com/shop/racing/rpf1/"]Enkei Racing RPF1 Silver 17 x 8.5 x 114[/URL] Nitto NT05 235/40/17 for the track (acquired May 2012)

Tomei EL Header and Up Pipe w/ Dart DC2 Heat reflective Coating (installed April 2013)
[URL="http://www.mann-engineering.com/index.php/exhaust/exhaust/sti-2004-2007-milltek-sport-hi-power-turboback-exhaust-13457.html"][URL="https://www.mann-engineering.com/index.php/sti-2004-2007-milltek-sport-hi-power-turboback-exhaust-13460.html"]Milltek Sport High Power turbo back exhaust[/URL][/URL] ( installed Feb 2012)
· Full 3” stainless piping
· Resonated down pipe
· Resonated mid pipe w/ hi flow HJS catalytic converter
· Polished Stainless steel muffler


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My First track day was Mid August 2012 at Mid Ohio. The car performed admirably. I did not drive very well. Still trying to get used to a 4 cylinder Turbo. Rowed the gears plenty trying to find the right gear to get out of slower corners. Over all was impressed with the handling of the STi. My skills were not even close to pushing the car to its limits. I look forward to making improvements/Upgrades to the Car but mostly improving my driving skills.

Here are a few Photos: Here with the Enkei SC03's

Hood Scoop delete was one of my first mods

Rear Fin stabilzers

Guage Pod Mod

Brake Duct cooling kit


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Nice start on the journal. Have fun at Mid Ohio. Hope to catch up with you next year.

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After putting on some miles, I wanted to be sure the oil usage issue was not contaminating my Oil with Fuel, depleting the oil's ability to properly lubricate and protect the engine. I changed the Oil with Enoes 5w40. I put 600 miles on and 1 track day. I changed the oil again and sent the oil to Blackstone labs for oil analysis. Results came back with no fuel or anything else unusual in the oil. Next is to run 2 or 3 track days and 1500 to 2000 miles and have it checked again.


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I changed out all the green lights in the interior console, to match the RED Instrument cluster. Radio, HVAC, Drivers side Window controls, Ignition ring and Cigarette lighther light ring


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The oil consunption seems to be causing problems with the O2 sensor, causing computer pulsing of the engine at 3500 RPM, Like it was before. So, for my winter Project we are cracking open the engine to see what's wrong. No massive smoke and compression is good. My tuner thinks its a ring gap issue or the engine was just built loose for "future massive HP". The FP Red Turbo has been fully rebuilt so its probably not in the turbo.
We will see.
While we are in the shop I will address a small slow leak at the Drivers side Axel / transmission interface (failed gasket). Already did the other side because of a torn CV boot that came with the Purchase of the car. Can't just replace the boot, Oh No, gotta replace the whole axel with a Rebuilt unit.
New Engine mounts, (Group N) Stock ones were soft to begin with. I am assuming mine are still Stock with 110K mikes. Transmission mounts and cross member bushings too.
Install Whiteline steering rack bushings
If the Fix on the the engine isn't too expensive I'd like to replace my DC sport UEL Headder with a crack (repaired with a weld) with a Tomei EL Header with Swaintech Coating.
Last on this years List (probably Pushed to next year based on Budget) is the Whiteline ALK and new Sway bar links.

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Who is your tuner?

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We finally got the engine pulled, looking for a reason for the oil consumption. It looks like, from the initial evaluation, the engine is clean. Not much oil getting into the cylinders. However the FP Red Turbo, Rebuilt by FP, 10,000 miles ago is totally messed up again. Loose shaft and bent fins, Lots of oil getting by the seals. We will be checking the intercooler for Oil tomorrow. So, it looks like I am getting a New Turbo, rather than a rebuilt engine. Forged Performance Rebulit the Engine in 2010. As far as we can tell, there is very little Oil getting by the piston rings, even for a Built engine.
I wanted a Faster spooling Turbo anyway, so this moves me in that direction quickly. I'm hoping to fit a few more upgrades in the Budget now with the elimination of the engine re-rebuild. We will have to wait and see how the fix and the budget pan out.

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Great news, I'm happy for you.

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Can't afford rotation. I was considering Dom 1.5 xtr. My Tuner suggested Blouch 18G XT-r. Spool is my top priority for Road course HPDE. HP in the 375 to 400 WHP is second priority

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When I upgraded the turbo, i was in the same boat.

I like road tracks (HPDEs), so spool was important.

18g, 20g, 18g, 20g, 18g, 20g, 18g, 20g...............................................

Talking with a couple of tuners they recommended the 20G. There comment was you will be disappointed with the 18G.

The 20G spools pretty quick. At this point I would not want to go to an 18G. Maybe if I was trying to shave 10ths on an autocross course.

Coming from the FP Red both maybe a disappointment to you.

See you at Grattan :)
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