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2004MY WRX STi Sales Guide

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I have a 15 page book which my dealer let me borrow. I have tried to scan pages but my scanner keepes crashing. I will scan it if I can solve the problem. Anyways some of the info I will relay in text

0-60 MPH 4.8
1/4 Mile split 13.5
Turbo IHI 14.5psi aspect ratio: 18
Alternator 90 amp
has torque graphs (will try to scan later)
intercooler comparisons, sti NA 470mm x 168.5 (still smaller than JDM)
muffler 18L
front cat capacity 3L due to no precat
transmission TY85 (108 kg)
clutch dia. 240mm
frt diff. cam-type
centre diff. DCCD
rear diff. torque-sens. mech.
scissor gears
4 shif forks
high cap. syncronizers:
1 -dble cone, 2 - triple cone, 3 - double, 4,5,6 - single R - double
clutch 2000lbs
FHI Testing: 60 to 0 braking - 36m
coefficient of Drag: .33
Maximum lateral adhesion (Gs) .93 (FHI testing)

and much more stuff which is largly old news
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You sir are my hero. Get those scans posted and you will be deified.
Way to go! Thank your dealer for us.

I bow down in obeisance.
Anyone else find it kind of funny that in all these comparisons there is not one mention of the Evolution?
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