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Hello everybody this being my first post I have a few questions one being around a 4 hour road trip that will eventually be happening

So me and my friends have planned a trip to New York. Now being located in the new england area and will be leaving from the boston area I understand it's a 4 hour drive

Only issue is me and my friends( group of around 3 to 4 cars including me) will be driving like it's a mini cannonball and will probably be maintaining speeds of like 120, 140 for some periods of time.

We've planned on leaving at 1am( friend gets out of work late) my only concern is my 2004 wrx sti overheating. We've done this before when we went to Montreal to go clubbing for the weekend and while I dont think the Subaru overheated per say I definitely noticed quite a bit of heat soak after 2 and a half hours of me and my friends g35 going toe to toe in Vermont.


- I'm basically asking if you guys know of any means to help keep my car from overheating and how to keep it at optimal temperatures under long sprints while driving at high speeds with lots of long full throttle applications, similar to wangan but minus the super high speeds.

I know my cars no race car. But I'd figure I ask since I know alot of you guys do track days and are experienced mechanics aswell as enthusiasts etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Also I'm not promoting street racing or nothing I'm just simply preparing for the inevitable.

Info about my car
2004 Subaru impreza WRX STI
  • stage 2 iag short block
  • ACT Streetlite flywheel
  • IAG street oil air separator
Apart from this mods my car is stock.


- what do you guys think of me putting a WRC body kit on my car?

I've seen a few off of them online but idk if I should trust them.


I'm looking to go 450whp on a 93 tune. While being able to hit 60mph in 2nd gear.

- With a preferably quick spooling turbo or atleast quickest rated at that power level on a consistent basis.

- Looking to eventually take off the top speed limiter and have a top speed of 185.
If you guys know of anything that would be a good match with my current setup that would be helpful.


Would any of you guys know of any reputable shops in the new england area?

I have a coworker who stresses than Bren Tuning is the best but I've also heard of them blowing up peoples car just after tuning it 500 miles later so idk.... he has a 2019 wrx sti pushing 480whp on a e85 tune stock block. So idk if yall could help point me in the right direction that would be great aswell. Not being from the new england area but being here for school it's quite a bit different.

Car will perdominatly be used for driving on the highway and open backroads and occasional Boston's best stop and go traffic.


Eventually looking to change suspension setup aswell as that's also stock if there's any suggestions please do let me know


Also what's the biggest brakes I can put on my car with the stock 17 inch gold bbs wheels? Been looking to upgrade in 6 months
Again thanks to all who give any input.

And yes this car is my daily driver to school and work however in the event it is down I will always have another vehicle to get around and yes I know this is probably gonna cost somewhere in the 10k to possibly 15k range. This has been my dream car since 6 seeing it in monte carlo on tv( now 21) so I intend to live it up if you will, and plan on keeping this car till the end of ones days. Any Help is much appreciated.

If you have any questions for me please dont HESITATE to ask. ?

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#1 Highway speeds+ sustained with the OEM radiator you'll be fine assuming the coolant is in good condition. Maybe run a 70/30 mix to improve cooling capacity a bit.

#2 No. Those cars are highly modified and you would need to do a lot of work to make a real WRC front end work.

#3 Quick spool with 450 isn't happening. That's just not how turbo Subies work. That top speed (actual) is not possible without changing gear ratios and your 04 would be a nightmare at that speed anyway, any Subaru would be that's not specifically built for it; tens of tousands of dollars.

#4 Visit local shops and talk to them. Research reputations and so on. Do your homework. IMO Bren has been around for a l-o-n-g time and every shop/tuner out there has horror stories if you dig deep enough. There is no perfect shop/tuner, but if the shop has been a round a long time, they're likely doing something right.

#5 If the car is primarily a commuter car, and that's what it sounds like, get some RCEs. They make good stuff that works well, and lasts far longer than the cheap stuff out there.

#6 For what you're doing, stick with what you've got or upgrade lines, pads, and fluid. Keep it in good condition. If you want big brake kits I recommend the Brembo GT setup (6-piston fronts, 4-piston rears). They are ~$3,600 per pair last time I checked.

Your goals for speed/power and keeping it as a livable commuter car would push your budget to +30K IMO. I would recommend you re-evaluate your goals, spend a lot of time doing research (mistakes with these cars is REALLY expensive), and come back with some goals that are more in line with your budget.

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great reply :)
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