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So I did a thing. And that's usually the story with my cars. Ive been out of the Subaru game for a while, since 2013 I think. I walked away after dropping into a Porsche Cayman. I was so smitten that I traded a very well sorted out and tastefully modified 08 hatch for $17k, leaving thousands on the table at the time. But the Subie itch never left. Ive owned a parade of cars in the interim, trucks, sedans vans, a couple bikes, but every time I hear that flat 4 with a UEL header...I look up and my heart beats just a bit faster.

So last weekend I bought a well sorted, though currently not running 2001 2.5RS Coupe with a BAR'd 05/06 STi Swap. She needs a harness to get back up and running, and I have plans to finish the swap by trading the R160 rear diff for a V7 R180. The car rebuilt bottom end with forged pistons, upgraded bearings, shaved and balanced crank yadda yadda. A bunch of nice JDM accouterments ( JDM Fenders, fogs/covers, smooth rear bumper with spats and caps, taillights, front corners on and on), group N bushings throughout, it goes on.

If I am to believe the person I bought it from (BTW Thanks Doug!) He was the third owner and the car was originally owned by Brian at iWire (if you are on here I think I have the first car you merged before starting iWire, I am waiting on an RS harness in the mail and then ill be by your shop)

On the Fix List:
New merged harness
DS door alignment (Done)
Get FEAL 441's rebuilt or replace them.
Replace 27mm whitline bars with less aggressive units
New turbo blanket

On the mod list:
Dom 1.5XTR or MAAAYYYBE an efr 7163
Grimspeed EBCS
Killer B HolyHeader
V6/V7 STi Seats (or reupholster the FRS seats currently in it (installed by most recent owner) to remove the red shoulders)
Install the S201 scoop that came with the car
22B widebody kit????? (in my dreams at least)
New clutch/flywheel

Anyway, on to the reason you are REALLY here....
Bringing her home (GRETA (the van) is a beast...tuned to 265hp and 465ftlbs with adjustable FOX shocks and scaling 8200lbs, she is imperturbable by a measly subaru behind her)

I have a Tesla Model 3 Performance as my DD and my goal is to build a car that is just as fast from a rolling start but will crush it at speed and run away from it in the twisties (this will be hard).

I bought the car to teach my currently 3 and 5 year old daughters how to work on cars (my wife also has a '77 MB 450SL which they will learn on) and more importantly drive stick when they are old enough. While I understand that they may never need a drivers license with the direction technology is going, they are going to be capable behind the wheel and with a wrench (my 3 yo already helps me fix my bicycle and knows some of her tool names and my 5 yo wields a hammer better than most kids twice her age).

Wish me luck - Im a mechanical engineer and wiring is my least favorite activity - The harness was shorted somewhere when the PO tried to add a MAPDCCD controller. Hoping IWIRE (down the street from me!) can get her rumbling again.

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and some goodies!

Harness is being merged at iwire. Adding DCCD pro, converting cruise control to DBW, some hard parts and re-wiring this mess for the STI gauge cluster

New radiator, and plugs on order. Hunting deals on clutch and fly currently. And still searching for a gently used DOM 1.5XTR.

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Current hit list of issues:
Passenger window worked now doesnt....
Drivers side door lock functional but not powered
License plate lights inoperable
rt front turn signal light burned out
DCCD manual adjustment (Auto/Manual works but manual is currently full open only)
Finish fuel pump wiring/clean up
clutch is slip-ip-ip-ip-ipping
Car dies on throttle chop at low speeds + tight turns - currently has a wrx spec clutch and streetlight flywheel - suspect flywheel has insufficient mass ATM.
Slight hunting idle between 800-1100 rpm: Vacuum leak? Other?
Rotors rusted severely while sitting, rust now embedded badly in pads. New rotors and pads likely on the list as well as a brake flush.
Sunroof gasket needs replacing, track needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
Verify DBW cruise control functionality.
Replace front drivers parking light pigtail - currently cracked
replace front passenger turn signal pigtail - currently cracked
run new dedicated wiring/relay for fog lights
Passenger side high beam inoperable - open relay terminal currently - unsure if needed with HID conversion but potentially root cause
replace and or seal rear 02 sensor plug which melted at some point.
recharge AC
send passenger front coilover to FEAL for rebuild
address rust starting on rolled fender edges
address rust spot on sunroof
Install killer B headers
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