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Please see the post 'mastercard' in the Got Mine forum.

Due to arrive this month (July) in Seattle, Wa and not spoken for due to cancellations as of July 3rd.

1. white with silver wheels
2. blue with gold wheels

Port installed options include alarm, auto dimming mirror, wheel locks, turbo boost guage.

Price is MSRP. No games and no mark-up. MSRP from Subaru.

If you are interested please contact me directly 206 769-7821.

Thank you and happy July 4th to all!

Joe Spitz
Carter Subaru, Seattle

So Gangster It Hurts
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Hey, Joe. . . was just there today and saw the Silver/Silver STi in your showroom with the Pioneer equipment, etc. VERY NICE.

If you could just hold that very car until say. . . January, I'd really appreciate it. ;)
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