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I know it's very late minute, but the show was not confirmed until last night due to a number of logistical issues Peltier has had on their part.

My name is Riley and I am assisting Peltier Subaru, a new Subaru dealership in Tyler, host a car show next week, October 12th. I have had a blast at Big Event in the past and would like to create a similar event in the Tyler area. When I originally proposed the idea to the gentlemen at the dealership, they were ecstatic about it and definitely looked forward to something like this happening! A number of their staff are interested in this idea and have been working quite hard to get something set up in a very limited time-frame.

My original focus was to have this event be more of a community thing that has local shops come out, is free because of sponsorships, and draws a nice crowd to make a decent car show. These guys have worked quite hard to make some of these things happen but due to some issues, are having to fall back a little on others.

So enough babble, here are the details:

Peltier Subaru's 1st Annual Auto Show
3200 S Southwest Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701
Saturday, October 12th from 10AM until 2PM
$15 entry fee (Includes a shirt, other odds and ends, and water)
Local vendors
50 car maximum

I've heard talk of a DJ or just speakers or a radio station coming out. I'm really not sure the exacts on some of these things due to the situation, but there will be music, there will be prizes, there will be events, and, come on, it's for the car enthusiasts! I know there is a food truck that is supposed to be coming out as well.

If you would like to get in contact with them:
(903) 705-4300 (ask for Jeremy Alden)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peltiersubaru

Their website: Peltier Subaru | Vehicles for sale in Tyler, TX 75701

As I said, I know it's last minute guys but if even a few of ya'll get out there and rep the Houston scene it'd be great! It's a smaller show but these guys are trying and they really are great people! If they can get a decent show going, they can do it again next year and I promise all these small things will disappear and we can get a better show going!
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