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1985 Toyota Trueno Sprinter GT-APEX
Working air conditioning car with R134a conversion
204K Kilometers on odometer

Google Photos album (will add requested pics here): 1985 Toyota Trueno Sprinter GT-APEX - Google Photos

Purchased about 6 years ago and have made some adjustments. It was a slightly dated black limited replica, but was missing some key components. I ended up removing the black limited stickers and doing a lot of needed maintenance.

I've got too many cars and am in the process of selling 3-4 of them. This is the first to go.

-Working AC!
-Enkei Compes, 15x7 Front, 15x8 Rear with G-Force Sport Comp2 tires
-HKS Sport Exhaust
-KMS Exhaust Manifold, AE86専門店 コシミズモータースポーツ
-Works Bell Quick Release with Nardi Wheel
-Electric Fan Conversion
-Red line taillights
-Apexi intake
-Freshly rebuilt injectors, about 6 months ago
-Exedy Stage 2 clutch
-Bi-Xenon HID retrofits with LHD cutoffs. Original RHD halogen glass also included
-Bride Digo II and Bride seat rail with slider
-Bride floor mats
-20% Tint
-Celica Pedal
-T3 Distributor Cap Heatshield
-TRD Front Shocks
-Front Coilover Kit Conversion W/ Pillow Ball, Camber Adjustable Top Plates
-TRD Rear Springs
-TRD Rear Adjustable Shocks
-Stainless Brake Lines
-Spats Front Tower Bar

Originals/Spares Included
-Original RHD glass halogen headlights
-KMS under axle exhaust (very loud)
-Stock ECU
-Original Clutch Fan
-Original catalytic converter with stock EGT bung
-New powerslot front rotors (rears were installed when redoing axle seals)

I'm sure that I've forgotten some of the spares that I have for the car. But you can have all of it. If you have any questions send me a message and we can exchange email addresses and phone numbers.


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