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18x9.5 TRMotorsport MT1 with BFG Rival 245/40-18 (perfect STU setup)

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18x9.5 TRMotorsport MT1 (made my Enkei for Tirerack)
+45mm Offset
19.0 lbs
$319/ea at Tirerack

245/40-18 BFG Rivals
5mm tread remaining (these only have ~5.7mm tread when new), so >80% remaining
Used for 5 autocrosses and <1500 miles
$229/ea at Tirerack

Wheels are functionally in perfect condition, cosmetically 2 have some curb rash (see photos), 2 are unmarred. Less than 15,000 miles on wheels. I'm not obsessive about cleaning wheels so they do have typical DD evidence on them. No plugs/punctures on the tires, no unusual wear, perfectly balanced.

Hubcentric rings included.

Total $2192 before shipping from Tirerack. Asking $1550 local pick-up preferred, Harrisburg/Carlisle/York area.

All 4

Wheel 1

Wheel 2

Wheel 3

Wheel 4

Wheel 3 Rash

Wheel 4 Rash
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Another free bump for ya. If I also didn't already have my Advan's, I'd be buying these. glws!
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Wish I was closer..
Where are you located?
Love me some g-force rivals. GLWS!
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any pics of them on car?
Here are some pics from the AutoX (courtesy of Doug Austin Photography):

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Lots of interest, nothing firm yet. Bump.
I love my MT1's, strong light and they **** great on our STI's...... GLWS!
If I wasn't 6 hours away I'd be interested in these. Good luck with the sale.

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Getting ready for autocross season bump...

In before 5x114.3 2015 WRX bolt pattern bump...

In before new STI debut bump...
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