Mileage:80000 KM
Open to US buyers.

I have a 2006 USDM STI which has a COMPLETE Version 8 JDM STI swapped into it. That's the full engine full drivetrain including subframe all from a Japanese market import. (Yes 35:65 power split).

The engine is DBW. Using the OEM ECU and engine harness this was only possible thanks to RCM Conversion camshafts linked HERE (Conversion cams with OEM spec profile). This is very important and not a cheap camshaft. I have seen people swap in USDM camshafts which is incorrect as they don't have the appropriate duration to rev to 8250rpm.

Engine and 6-speed swap from Home | JDM Engines & Parts | JDM Racing Motors (7k USD for drivetrain & 5k USD for engine).

175k Kilometers on body and between 70k-80k on engine.

292 AWHP (365hp) & 277TQ basically a stock engine with supporting mods!

Pro-tuned by Neetronics

Mod List:
-Version 8 EJ207
- 6-speed swap/drivetrain TY856WB3KA.
-5x114 hubs.
-HKS twinscroll Downpipe
-HKS Super Turbo muffler
-OEM Version 7 STI seats.
-Cygnus Performance X-1 Classic Coilovers with hyperco springs (Less than 1k on them).
-Perrin turbo inlet
-Whiteline Roll center kit
-New OEM wheels bearings
-All gaskets and PCV breather hoses replaced with OEM
-Full timing belt kit with gates belt.
-11m blueprinted oil pump
-Whiteline rear swaybar brackets
-RARE J-Speed front fender braces & rear brace
-JDM front bumper beam (lightweight).

Probably some more but thats generally what the build is like. I will continue to update this post.

I did not have the heart to sell the car but I will be working in Europe in the coming months and it may be long-term. Otherwise, I will have to store the car. I am not desperate to sell but if there is a buyer looking for a setup like this here it is, thanks for reading.

Flaws would be the body, the car can use some paint in my opinion.

Feel free to PM me.
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