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06 STI TMIC Removal/Install

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Just a short DIY, useful for many things when working on your car. Will be referring back to this episode many times in the future.

Full article on the blog:
Machine Zealots: Top Mount Intercooler Removal
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I really wish you had made all of your videos about 6-7 years ago because they're great. I just think it may be a little late now with the GR being very popular.
^^Steps are the exact same for the GR.

I find it easier to disconnect the TB connector at the IC instead of the TB. IC slips out easier. I also unbolt the hard lines from the IC rather than disconnecting the hoses. They get old and brittle over time and will not seal if you take them on and off all of the time.

Nice vid though!
Thanks for the comments guys! Check out the YouTube channel if you like these videos, or my members journal =D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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