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Looking for guidance here, link anything relevant of for GD flexfuel tuning solutions. Budget $1200-2500 for a flexfuel Dyno tune.

TLDR: Planned on maxing out stock location turbo with e85. I'm a few months behind on reading what to do now that AP V3 isn't going to workout. Ecutek looks like it might just save the day, but I wish I could find more info.

06 STI Full bolt ons
New OEM heads
Ferrera valves/springs/retainers
Tomei poncams
Open deck ej257 +2mm rods/JE pistons
ID1300 injectors
TGV deletes/ top feed conversion
PTFE fuel lines/ AFPR/ Cobb flexfuel/ Cobb 4bar map sensor
FP Blue, flapper welded shut
P&L up pipe/ tial EWG
Killer B holy headers/oil pan/pickup
i-wire speed density harness.

I've really purchased my way into a corner here given the way Cobb has pulled support. Over the past 2 years gathering parts, that at the time were completely compatible.

Fast-forward to last week, I've got my car on jackstands, motor pulled and fresh long block on an engine stand. Figured it would be a good time to hit up my tuner for a basemap. Last time we spoke was the green speed fiasco in April. Really seemed like there was a chance he had a workaround for flexfuel on Access port software figured out. Now I'm stuck with going to Ecutek or ditching flex fuel staying on Access Port/ making my side feed tgvs work with top feed injectors and keeping the MAF vs SD.

What's the move here?

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you have a few options.

the hardest, find a tuner with ecutek or opensource ....maybe hp tuners (not sure if hptuners will work or not) that is willing to tune you and go that route. you can reach out to @yamahaSHO as he's a well known tuner on here. he will have a better idea of what would or would not work. even if he's not in your area, keep in mind, a road tune is the same thing as a dyno tune, just without strapping it down and using simulated loads like a dyno does (probably not explaining that the best). but basically a road/etune will be just as safe and there's no benefit to a dyno, aside from seeing numbers (which can be done on virtual dyno, but not always accurate numbers).

you can run a standalone ecu, this is likely your most expensive option, and outside of the budget you posted. but it's an option.

or what i think is one of the easier routes, use the AP or whatever other tuning software, and just have multiple maps. use the cobb sensor and run it to a gauge to see the ethanol content, have 5-7 maps or however many a tuner suggests. so if you are at e30, you have a map, fill up with more ethanol and hit hits e55, you have a map, need to get 93 and go down to e20, you have a map. yes it's more of a pain but this way you can basically be your own flex fuel sensor, and adjust as needed by loading different maps geared for each level of ethanol. this could also get to be a bit more expensive becasue the tuner will have to make multiple maps.

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You could go open source and contact Dmitry to install his patch onto stock rom. He also offers support for emergency situations (ive had to unbrick my ecu) The trick will be finding a tuner who is comfortable with open source. I myself have tuned my own car at stage two levels. It is currently down to upgrade to flex fuel.
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