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05STi22's Betty the Blue Dragon The Revival has begun!

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, the name is Kenny from south Florida and here is my 05 WRB STi story..(Dramatic Music Playing)…:D

I’ve been a Subaru fan the minute my best friends stolen cable years ago provided those beautiful images of those flat 4 wonders from overseas. Shortly thereafter Gran Turismo came out for the Playstation and that solidified my passion for Subies and I told myself someday I would have one.:cool:

Well fast forward to 2005 and I find myself a proud owner of a WRB STi with those beautiful gold wheels. I think it was three full days before the mod bug bit me in the ass and I took my Cuban behind to the local Discount Auto to pick up a K&N drop in fliter, Mobile One oil, and numerous detailing products totaling in way more money than I initially planned. That was the first indication that this was going to be a problem for me lol ..if I only knew…(more dramatic music plays)..

So some time went by and I got more involved with the Subie world learning and meeting great people along the way ( I was lucky enough to go to One Lap one year, and get to drive on the “Ring in Germany and a couple other cool things) I started modifying the car little by little until one day in an attempt to avoid an accident on the road I downshifted to the incorrect gear over revving the engine at high boost with a lack of lubrication….AND BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Turns out I had one of those deadly Fram oil filters and well the rest is history…THAT WAS ABOUT 5 years ago! I hit a really bad financial hardship that I’m still working on getting out of little by little. #hashtag fail

The car has been sitting collecting dust , peeling paint away in the hot sun, and such at my body shop (at least I can paint the sh*t out of her when she’s built)this whole time awaiting the day that I can afford to fix her….Well....

The time is finally here I believe…I started taking the motor apart getting ready to see what route I end up taking motor wise. Depending on how much money I can muster I've got a couple options:
1. Rebuild block with forged internals
2. Buy a new stock short block and have the heads looked at
3. Buy a built short block/long block
4. Buy a used long block

Quite the range I’m looking at here, but unfortunately I’m hoping that after I sell some parts I will have some more cash to work with and have more flexibility. I’ll post a for sale thread when I get a chance guys, I’m hoping some of you can help me get my baby back on the road!
So to make a long story short I love my car and I can’t wait to get her back on the road.

Here’s the Mod List by the way:

Currently Installed:

1. Perrin Big Maf intake (hate it) Always was a pain in the ass when tuning
2. PE 850’s Injectors
4. Upgraded intank fuel pump
5. SMC Meth Kit
6. 1 Step Colder Plugs
7. Cobb Accessport
8. Dtec Boost Controller
9. Defi Guages
10. TurboSmart external Wastegate
11. Fp Green
12. Perrin inlet
13. Various Cusco suspension braces
14. Tein Flex coils with EDFC
15. Perrin Short Shifter kit/bushings
16. Ferodo front and rear brake pads
17. Stoptech rotors
18. TurboXS Front Mount
19. JDM rear skirts
20. JDM Fog Lamps fitted with HIDS
21. Seibon Carbon Hood
22. Prodrive shift Knob
23. Invidia turboback
24. Cusco Sway Bars Front and Rear
25. Some heat shielding here and there
26. STi JDM valve caps
27. Prodrive Front Bumper Grill
28. Cusco Front Lip
29. Alignment
30. Stock Wheels/Tires
31. Protuned by Scott Siegel
I think that’s it..Might have missed a thing or two..will edit if I find anything else 

New Not Installed * *=Future Mod

1. Element Tuning headers
2. Element Tuning Hydra
3. Element Tuning GT75 Kit (TURBO ONLY FOR SALE)
4. Element Tuning Hydramist
5. Prodrive Gc10g’s 18x8.5 Gold (FOR SALE)
6. Element Custom Intake
7. RC 1000cc Injectors (FOR SALE)
8. Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
9. Perrin Front and Rear Endlinks
10. Element Tuning Catch Can
11. Prodrive License Plate Frame
12. Prodrive Battery Tie Down
13. Exedy Carbon Double Plate Racing Clutch and Flywheel
14. Koyo Radiator
15. Group N motor and Transmission mounts
16. Turbosmart Eboost 2 Boost Controller
17. Perrin Top Feed Fuel Rail kit
18. Prodrive Oil Cap
19. Perrin Radiator Hoses
20. Element Tuning Turboback Exhaust
21. Heat Coated intercooler pipes
22. Recaro Seats and Rails

Mods Needed/Parts Wanted/Future Mods:
1. Motor solution: Choices.. Rebuild motor, or buy a used longblock, or new stock shortblock, or buy an Element built shortblock and heads package.
2. Tune By Phil @Element
3. Alignment
4. Tires..Either stock or if I keep the Prodrives some sticky rubber for them.
5. New Injectors
6. Change all fluids
7. Stainless Steel brake lines
8. New Brake pads
9. Element Tuning Dry Sump system
10. Cosworth Intake Manifold
11. Carbon Wing
12. Turbosmart BOV
There’s plenty more goodies I plan to add but these are the ones that will be done first. As time goes by I will update everyone. 

Well that’s it I think…I’ll post some pics and while she might not look like much now she’s a force to be reckoned with and will look sexier than (Insert sexy woman’s name here) when she’s done. Feel free to chime in guys, Ill need lots of advice and help through the way.
Thanks for hearing me out and it’s great to be a part of IWSTI.


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And I promise I will get the hang of this whole posting thing guys lol . I just popped my post cherry :)
Damn and here I go thinking I did a pretty decent job doing this journal. Lets just hope I grab a bit more attention when I get her up and running lol
What is the issue, you are off to a good start. Keep it up.
Well I'm currently in need of a motor. I've been working with Phil from Element to get one done for me but I am waiting on the sale of my turbo and wheels to get the extra cash I need to finish the build.

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Wow. Just wow, the last time I posted here it was 2013. Well that's how long it's taken me to build my baby back. Some time ago my 05 STi went boom and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. I was unable for one reason or another to dedicate the time and funds to bring her back, but I would never sell her. I knew that I would bring her back when the time was right. Well the time finally came around.:cool:

I might as well start at the beginning. Here are pics of her sitting for years and years in my dad's garage waiting for me to get my sh*t together lol.









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I'll edit the mods I listed at the start of this thread, let me post a couple more updates first ;)

Throughout the years I would think time after time that that particular year was the one where I would bring Betty back so when I actually started to get things moving it was surreal.

Here is when we pulled the blown motor and started assessing the damage.







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Here we started cleaning things up before really working on her. She sat for so long she was a mess. Rats ate wires, rust, all the absolute worst that the Florida weather could bring she bore for years.






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The body was a mess! To be honest, I don't remember half of what we found damage wise and how it got there but we powered through. We started working on the body and seeing just how bad things were mechanically too.
At this point I started buying parts and started talking with WRXperts in Winter Park, Fl. to get the engine build and tune setup.




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The parts started to come in...I didn't take pics of them all, but this part was exciting. Expensive, but exciting.








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Then the day that I couldn't believe came..I dropped her off at WRXperts to work on the motor. The plan was for them to start the motor build then return the car to me so we can wrap up the body, paint, and wheels. After we did that I'd bring it back for them to button up everything and get her tuned on e85.



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Very nice. Excited to see the finished product
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