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I need to determine if the rack ends on an 05+ STi Spec C are different to a stock WRX. I'm attempting to re-fit a set of rack ends to a late Spec C rack but the new lock washers I've ordered from Subaru Australia don't appear to be correct (I don't have the old lock washers for reference either). The regular lock washers are part number 31238GA050. The lock washer fits between the rack end and and the rack proper. A threaded section of rod from the rack end screws through the lock washer and into the rack proper. The total OD of the threaded rod is about 15.3mm and the ID of the lock washer is only 9mm. Is the Spec C rack end a beefier part than normal? Should I be looking for a Spec C specific lock washer? None of the literature I can find indicates there is a different part for this rack. Have Subaru Aust stuffed up again and given me a lock washer to suit a 1971 station wagon?!

Dodgy pics:

I also have this posted in another forum. Thanks.

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