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05 BBS 17x114.5 + Nearly New All Season's (winter set up)

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2005 STI BBS 17x114.3 (No TPMS) + Uniroyal GTZ All Season 245/45/17

I used these for one season, about 800 miles, then sold the car.

Asking $800 OBO, please PM me with offers.

Uniroyal GTZ All Season 245/45/17- they performed great for me thru snow and Chicago sludge. A great city winter tire or mild winter area winter tire. New were $110 each. Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ All Season - Free Delivery Available | TireBuyer.com

2005 BBS 17" originally where silver, previous owner painted them black, I applied a second coat. The shop scraped off the quality paint :rolleyes:when I removed the TPMS so they could use another coat. I was going to strip them down all together and go gold or something. They have some road rash from the previous owner. Great winter or track wheels.

Located in Chicago - moving to Lexington KY so can deliver to either location.


If you want them shipped it is on your dime. I would imagine it would be $100 each to ship them.

Pics below!


Still have the nubs between the treads...I may be aggressive with 800 estimated miles!

http://s38.photobucket.com/user/shadshafer/media/2010 STI SE/DSC_0049.jpg.html

On my car...man I miss my car
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I'm in Lexington, KY. If you get down here and still have them and just want to unload them for less to not deal with them anymore let me know.
Will do thanks
Wheels still available? If so let me know I'm interested. They are just a simple bolt on for the new models correct? I have a 2013 STI. Feel free to Text me (248) 9O9-499Five
Yep, PM replied
SOLD Thanks Waarrpped
Thanks for the great deal and great suggestion for food!
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