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04 WRX or STI, first time buyer

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Hey Bros
I am just wondering what would be the most cost efficent thing for me to do in this case. Both cars will be new of course. I dont know alot about cars, in fact this will be my first real car, by that I mean that I paided for by myself.

I have been overseas in the military for the last 5 years and have never needed a car untill now. I have been talking to the Subie dealer in jacksonville, FL and he told me that he has several STI for sale at 33.5K. I have been trying to talk him down a little but it has not worked so far, didnt expect it to but had to try. With tax that adds up to about 36.5K which is way more then I would like to pay but still could afford.

If I get the WRX will I always be kicking myself for not getting the STI
Since I am not a car nut would I even notice the differncen? How much should I pay for a WRX. I think they go for about 25.5K, how much could I talk him down.
I will not have to be financed through the dealer as the Military Credit Union is going to give me 5.9% reguardless.

Thanks for any advice and help

The Gear
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I suggest you test drive both if possible. If you are not a "car guy", the WRX may suit your performance needs/expectations without the added costs: (radio/speakers, floor mats, expensive tires, 94 octane+lousy gas mileage), or first year "bugs": (pinging and det, new 2.5 engine, 3 LSDs, DCCD) of the STi.

That being said, the STi is an amazing machine and I am in awe with it the more I drive it.

I would check around for better rates. I got 4.29% from peoplefirst.com. It took me 10 minutes online and I got approval 5 minutes later. I told my dealer I was pre-approved for 4.29, they countered with 4.1%. Not bad for non credit union or home equity.

Good luck and have fun.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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