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:) HELLO ALL AS CRAZY AS I AM SUBARU FANS. I wanted to introduce myself and my 04 crazy child. First I have had the opportunity to own 4 Subaru's. Currently I drive a 2004 Subaru STI as a daily driver to work which is like a mile from my house. WOOHOO. I currently own a 2011 hatchback STI as well. (NICE) :D I had my first 04 STI at the age of 21 and have had a total of 3 STI'S and a WRX since then.

I love music so if you hear me around town most of the time will just be an earth quake of bass.

I hope to finish this year off with a 20 psi tune. Currently sitting at 16.5 psi. Drives great and eats pavement. I'm sure there are a ton of people out there with fantastic setups and stock cars with love in everyone of them.

Thanks for welcoming me to the subbie team and hope to see you out there.


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