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  1. 2015+ STI Discussion
    I recently bought a 2016 STI and the headlight wiring is a little off, when the headlights switch is off and the e-brake is down the high beams turn on but none of the other lights do. When I turn on the headlight switch the normal headlights work as they should, so I've been driving with the...
  2. Warranty / Service Issues
    Alright so I was attempting to repair the connection for my JDM sequential fog light bezels but after the repair my main turn signal stopped working when checking the socket it has ground, but the power side has power and ground, so its back tracking from somewhere, all my turn signals work...
  3. GD-General
    okay so I literally just bought a 2004 wrx sti and the guy before me did not tighten down the lug nuts and they came off on the front left of the car and proceeded to rip the bottom half of my fender off and after this I lost power to all the window and to the cluster on the dash but I didn't...
  4. 2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    If I am going to add a fuel surge tank, how are the Lift Pump and EFI pumps usually wired? Are they in parallel on the same factory relay triggered by the ECU?
1-4 of 4 Results