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  1. 2015+ STI Discussion
    Hi GUYS i am here for help 19 sti OEM suspension and camber, looking for: Wheels 18 8.5+35/9.5+45/8.5+45? would they may hit the fender? or do i have to change Suspension? and tires size recommend? Kind regards
  2. GD-General
    I’m looking to purchase some wheels on my sti and wanted some input before I placed the order. The wheel I plan on installing is a work Meister S1 18x9.5 with a 37 offset. I understand there will need to be modifications done to the fenders such as rolling and I am willing to do that. However, I...
  3. 2015+ Member Classified Ads
    New, never opened Quick Touch wheel touch up paint. I sold my car and have no use for it. $10.00
  4. Wheels, Tires, & Lugs Parts For Sale
    Looking to sell my 2019 STi OEM wheels with tires. Tires have never been removed from the wheels since vehicle purchase, so it retains the factory mount & balance. Center cap and OEM TPMS sensors included on all 4 rims. It has some minor chips from normal driving as highlighted on the pictures...
  5. 2015+ STI Discussion
    I am wondering if anyone has had success fitting a 17 inch wheel on the 2018+ STI with stock calipers (6 piston). I heard Sparco's All Terra's fit with 1-2 mm room at the caliper. A little too close for comfort. Anything else fit? Anyone try Braid wheels? Cheers, skimd
  6. GR-Tires & Wheels
    so I’m thinking of upgrading my wheels for this summer and future summers to come. Car is a daily driver right now that sees a decent amount of spirited back country driving. Winter driving on the wheel/tire combo won’t be a concern cause I’ll drive stock in winters. Live in the northwest so we...
1-6 of 6 Results