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  1. Warranty / Service Issues
    At the start of 2022 I lost my 2020 sti due to an accident. Since that day I was looking for a new sti and I came across one at my local dealership. It was preowned certified I ended up getting the gold bumper to bumper package just in case yada yada. Well first week of having it check engine...
  2. Warranty / Service Issues
    Hi, I just got my 2021 WRX STI about 4 months ago. I was actually looking for buying an extended warranty with 0 deductible. I got the basic Manufacturer Warranty for 3years/36K. Now I have few questions about this: 1) How good are those extended warranties. What should I look for when I am...
  3. Warranty / Service Issues
    I have owned my 2020 wrx sti limited wrb for less than a year now and it is having clear coat issues on the driver side fender. Will this be covered under warranty considering its in the first year? Will they just repaint the spot or repaint the whole car? Sorry for the not so good image.
1-3 of 3 Results