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  1. 02-07 wrx and sti parts/turbo/tmic

    Engine/Drivetrain/Performance Parts For Sale
    I have several sti parts for sale off a 2006 STI I have a rotomaster turbocharger with around 25K miles on it and yellow side feed sti injectors I also have the 2006 sti top mount and sti y pipe and sti up pipe and as far as fitment goes all these fit 02-07 wrx and Sti's as far as I know just...
  2. Have my heart set on a 2004 sti, it's stock except for an exhaust. Questions about turbo and that sweet, sweet flutter.

    Never owned an sti before, or even a subaru, I was wondering if they came stock with a blow off valve and if they do, what do they sound like? A friend of mine has a turbo on his car and he blocked off his blow off valve to get that stutututu sound that everybody is in love with (or at least I...
  3. Next modification suggestion

    Built Motor Discussion
    Hey guys. I have a 2018 STI that I’ve Been working on for about 2 years and here is my current Engine mod list. Cobb intake Cobb accessport Nameless turbo back exhaust AEM high flow fuel pump Cobb flex fuel sensor kit Cobb fuel rails Cobb 1050 injectors Flex fuel tune 333WHP/360T Just...
  4. SOLD: Fp Blue Turbo for sale $800 OBO

    Engine/Drivetrain/Performance Parts For Sale
    I have an Fp Blue for sale in Colorado Springs, Co, I'm going to upgrade to an Fp Black. My loss your gain Purchased last year About 8k miles Turbine is coated Ported External waste gate Will also include tomei inlet for free (purchased in March 2020 and has about 700 miles) Off a 2016 sti No in...
  5. Check Engine, Traction, Cruise control, and stuck in sport mode.

    2.5 Liter/Litre Factory Motor
    I have a 2013 Impreza STI, it rained a lot yesterday and some water got into my car. I left to work early in the morning and the water was about ankle level on the passengers side. When i would drive i could hear the waves going back and forth. I had no idea there where sensors by the passengers...
  6. Turbo issue

    Hi is hoping y'all could ease my mind, I have an Fp Blue turbo with 58mm stock housing, (about 10 months old) on a 2016 wrx sti, I noticed a smell of burnt oil and when I diagnosed the issue I noticed the vaccuum hose that goes from electronic boost control solenoid to compressor hosing was...
  7. FS FL BOTH SOLD Killer Bee Coated Header and FP Turbo Blue Coated

    Engine/Drivetrain/Performance Parts For Sale
    Hello to all, I have for sale the Killer Bee Holly Header, Coated and Turbo from Forced Performance (FP) Blue Coated with internal Wastegate and Ported Turbine housing They belonged to Subaru STI MY17. I am located in Miami Florida. as you can see from my other for sale Thread all the parts...