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  1. General Subaru Discussion
    My STI has just started making a wine/chirping noise. It increases as the refs increase in the car, but sounds like it’s coming firm where the trans and the motor meet.
  2. Drivetrain Components
    Hello all. First post here so apologies if my formatting, or questions in general suck. I recently purchased a 2011 sti hatch with 62k original miles. It has some modifications done, reliability foremost. The issue I am having is with the transmission. I've been told they are bricks and...
  3. Drivetrain Components
    Hey! I’m an avid reader but sadly this has to be my first post :oops: I have a 2018 sti that I slightly modded, my last addition was the Cobb “stage 2+ drivetrain kit”and also installed grimmspeed pitch stop mount yesterday, all went well until I did the short shifter (specifically the reverse...
  4. Drivetrain Components
    Hello everyone, I own a 2016 STi, there’s a strange problem I’m having when shifting. I’m going to try my best to explain what’s going on. So, I’m leaving my house I get going and I shift into 2nd come up to a stop sign, put it in neutral roll up to the stop sign and go to shift into first and...
  5. Drivetrain Components
    I have a 2005 STI that will not go into reverse! The lockout mechanism works as it should. I have got underneath the car and pulled on the lever as i had someone inside of the car trying to go into reverse and it just wont go? I have called many reputable subaru shops, they all say that they...
1-5 of 5 Results